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I started buying a car from drivetime late last year and all my payments were on time! Right off the back I had to have to replace the windshield wiper and blower motor for the AC.

I took my car to Sears for the anual oil changes and Sears overfilled and blew my rear main sear! I was on the phone with the warrany company for months and in the end all they could tell me was that they could only tell Sears to fix the problem they caused even though Sears refused to fix it. Then at the begining of the year I wrecked my car and my insurance company found my car to be a total loss! Drivetimes Total Loss Protection Plan says there is NO CATCHES we will cover the remaining loan if your insurance company finds it to be a total loss!

Now they are trying to say I owe them the reamaining loan because I did not go back through Drivtime to get another vehicle! I am not going to let them screw me over and my credit for the rest of my life!

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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I'd like to hear how this turned out. I'm in Phoenix and possibly about to face the same situation.

Can drivetime offer total loss protection only if you buy the car from them? Do you simply ball the remaining balance from the previous loan into the next loan or do they actually get rid of the loan?


All these negative remarks, response is scary. As bad as I need a car I really don't know not one good thing about this car dealer


I don't understand the complaint. You bought a used car; things are not perfect on used cars.

Changing a wiper and a blower motor isn't exactly unusual. Also, as mentioned, they state you must get a car from Drivetime if you want the loan paid off. They state it before you sign paperwork and it's listed in the paperwork you receive. Also, the complaint seems like it's more with Sears than anything.

And what more did you want? Having Sears fix what they broke is pretty much what every insurance company is going to say. You don't get above and beyond. Your complaint is baseless.

I bought a car from them a few months ago and I found them to be open and honest. More so than any other car dealership out there.




They make it clear when you purchase the vehicle that if you have a total loss you must purchase a new vehicle through them to use the program. I was just in a accident where my second vehicle from drivetime was totaled and within a week i had my third vehicle from drivetime. No problems here.


Thank you for sharing your concerns. As a member of the DriveTime customer service department I can assure you we are committed to providing all of our customers with the best service possible. I would like an opportunity to address your concerns directly at 888-290-0148.


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