My little brother bought a car from drivetime without telling me. He bought the vehicle in May 2011.

He paid half a small deposit in May and half a small deposit in June. He recently lost his job after buying the vehicle and has not made any payments. He owes 19k for a car that has a blue book value of at best 7k. Can he avoid repossession at this point.

He has not made a single payment. On top of the fact we are pretty sure the transmission has major issues. If anyone can give me any feedback so we can know what to expect or what we can do this would be greatly appreciated.

I feel like they took advantage of this young man (shame on them), who did not consult his family or do additional research (shame on him).


Monetary Loss: $19.

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Current DT Employee, WOW!!!! It truly amazes me how much your attitude matches to the "T" everything people are saying about DT and their people!!

DT is truly nothing more that a modern day loan sharking business, with an emphasis on the "SHARK". Sure some people can't get a car because of their bad credit history, but that doesn't mean that they should have to pay up to twice the price for a piece of *** car! On top of that DT is charging outrageously high interest rates and not-so-low down payments as they state they offer. I won't even mention the warranty service feedback!!

All it takes is a little research on DT and it would scare away the most desperate persons looking to find a way to get a car financed. Too bad most of these people don't do any research before buying. I still find it hard to believe that companies like DT are even legal!!

To sum it up, out of hundreds of reports that I've read about DT, I have found only three people that had anything good to say about DT itself, the price of their vehicles, their warranty, their interest rates, their customer service/people skills and last but not least, the quality of the vehicles!!!

Talk about blatantly taking advantage of people when they are down!!! I wonder if they have sales agents that hang around the Social Security offices looking for little old ladies????


How old was your brother at the time of the purchase?


The former employee who commented earlier is incorrect. If he turns the unit in at this point, he'll still be responsible for the balance on the loan...he's also going to show a repossession/voluntary surrender/charge-off on his credit.

He's passed 90 days in the loan already, if purchased in May. The advice given by M. Morrell was to contact an attorney...but there's no grounds for lawsuit, as your brother defaulted on his contract. If it's in regards to the contract amount, if your brother received explanation that he was entering into a legally binding contract, and was informed of the APR & total sale price at the time of signing, he doesn't have a leg to stand on.

To avoid repo, I would suggest he contact us to work out a payment plan to get on track. I'd also suggest he speak with the warranty dept regarding the transmission issue...it's a major component, and depending on the issue, will likely be covered.

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Just tell him not to make any payments. If you default in the first 90 days DriveTime will "unwind" the deal and will NOT report it as a repo.

Just tell him to drop the car off at Drivetime and leave the keys in the door. I used to work there.


Explain your situation to an attorney. It may cost you a few bucks but not anywhere near $19K.


Just trying to get some help.... 19k is a huge amount to pay to learn people arent trustworthy!

Thanks for the advice though. :

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