So it sounds like most people are pissed at this company because they signed a contract, knew what needed to be paid and when and now can't live up to the terms and think the company who they owe money to should give them a break. Am I reading this right? Come on now, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. If you can't make the payments don't get the vehicle. That shouldn't be tough to understand. This is a lame complaint and not valid whatsoever.

The complaint that came up a lot was about the condition of the vehicle. I understand that vehicles are machines and don't always work as expected and I understand that some of you don't understand that. Those of you who fall into this category are most likely the people who blame others for your problems.

With that said I understand there are probably a few of you who might have valid complaint about the vehicles working condition only a short time after your purchase. But for those who think their vehicle should work as good as the day it was purchase when it hits the 120,000 mile mark and it is 8-10 years old, newsflash, it won't.

I am looking for valid complaints from people who pay on time every time, and take care of a care that is no more then 7-8 years old.

Let me know...Thanks!

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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Maryland Heights, Missouri, United States #805750

Well, it's only been three weeks since I purchased my car and I have only driven it for two and a half days. I brought it home on March 27th and on March 28th it went to the shop and was there until April 14th.

Half way home from the shop (I live an hour away) the service engine light came on. So it will be going back to the shop because the cam shaft sensor needs to be replaced. The doors would not lock with the remote had to change fuses (which is minor and I expect things like that to be wrong)after all it is a used car. And while the warrenty did cover everything it took them 11 days to give the approval to fix it over $2500 in repairs.

I really do think they need to inspect their vehicles better, even buying a used car there is no way you need to be at the shop the very next day. I haven't had any issues with CS or other workers and I pray I don't, ready some of the post is scary!


To Kyle0057...apparently you didn't read into all the reviews. And...probably work for DT.

Anyhow, most people spoke of vehicles who had problems right out of the gate. I am one of them. The salesman touted how, "I ONLY buy cars that are perfect, in wonderful working order! And only from dry states.

No coast cars here!" He talked all the while that we were test driving with the radio on and windows up. We didn't hear the brakes squeaking until late that night when we got home (didn't roll down the windows during test drive because it was a cold winter afternoon). Next day, we called them to tell them the problem and they said, "sorry, our wonderful 3yr/36K mile warranty doesn't cover that". Too bad...so sad (basically).

I realize that I don't have perfect credit (because of unforseen circumstances) and that I was going to have to pay more but DOUBLE the Blue Book value?! I really don't have a choice in paying it (which I will pay off early) but because of my credit history, I shouldn't be ripped off. Luckily our state has Lemon Law that covers the first 15 days according to the Atty.

General's office here. They are going to pay one way or another.



Drivetime have (NO GRACE PERIODS)(SIMPLE INTERST LOAN). You signed that contract to pay on or before the due date.

DT did not call you, you come to them for a reason. You have bad credit and no one else will give you car. Don't bash the company because you fail to get the maint....done on the unit as your suppose to, to keep the vehicle in good condition.

DT actually suppose to come and pick the vehicle up as soon as you get behind. Why don't you people who are complaining, keep your down payment go get a cash car and see how far that get you.


Drivetime have (NO GRACE PERIODS)(SIMPLE INTERST LOAN). You signed that contract to pay on or before the due date.

DT did not call you, you come to them for a reason. You have bad credit and no one else will give you car. Don't bash the company because you fail to get the maint....done on the unit as your suppose to, to keep the vehicle in good condition.

DT actually suppose to come and pick the vehicle up as soon as you get behind. Why don't you people who are complaining, keep your down payment go get a cash car and see how far that get you.


I have bad credit, and was considering going to Drive Time to purchase a used car. But after reading so many horror stories, I won't be going to Drive Time.


Don't understand all these complaints! I have bad credit and went to Drive Time.

I put $1000 down on my van. I have had the van for 3 years now with minor repairs here and there, of course because it was a used vehicle. Drive Time has always worked things out with me when I've had to have repairs done such as applying the paid repairs towards my loan. I have excellent pay history with Drive Time and in 3 months I become a Drive Time champ.

This means that I have paid my loan down to $3,500 and have the opportunity to trade my van in with them for no additional money down, better interest rate, and get a better vehicle. I have been to other big dealerships in the past month and they all want my trade in plus $2000 down for another vehicle and high payments.

I will be looking forward to getting another vehicle with Drive Time 3 months from now. By the way I have a 2004 Ford Freestar.


I challenge any of you to hand someone $15,000 to someone. Expect payments & when they don't pay or answer any attempted contact; be completely okay with it.


I am approved to buy at DT...but after reading the horror stories I will keep my little car that has been soooo good to me. So, she needs some repairs. I'd rather do that as I bought her new.


Thank you all for warning me about DT. I was "preapproved" and waiting to set up an appointment.

Now, no way!!


I agree with kyle0057. Most people on here are complaining about a car breaking or falling apart after buying it.

You know you can ask them for a vehicle history report and they will provide it. You will find out the car was most likely bought at an auction. Also if you are late on your payment they do not have to honor the warranty they offered because you are not honoring you contract by paying them. I also think it is outrageous that everyone on here is slandering the customer service reps there.

Every customer service rep cannot be bad, just because you have some issues with your car doesn't mean you have to take it out on a person who is sitting there selling cars to provide for themselves. If you were a car salesman you would realize how difficult and how aggressive the job is. Its unbelieveable that these people who most likely are mad because they got their car repoed are sitting here bashing a company that got them into a vehicle. If you could of got a car somewhere else don't you think you would have?

Its not Drivetime's fault you bit off more than you can chew. Man up and pay your bills, I bet pretty much everyone here complaining owes drive time money or hasn't made their payments on time...Poor America


I purchased a 2007 vehicle from Drive Time and have not been late with one payment. In fact, I normally pay 3-5 days in advance. Two weeks after the purchase of the vehicle it went in for repairs and stayed there for a week and a half. Since then the vehicle has been in the shop a total of 5 seperate times and all for different reasons. Purchasing a vehicle from Drive Time is the worst decision I have made in 37 years of life. The warranty department and customer service dept. is worthless. They all tell you the same thing which amounts to "not my problem, deal with it." When they schedule a manager to call you they do not. When calling in to find out why they did not contact me one of the subordinates guaranteed me that there was nothing her manager could or would do. This company had a good business model but has no idea on how to execute it. Hopefully this company can right the boat but it is doubtful. Three simple things could be done to possibly right this ship:

1. Care about customers

2. Train employees

3. Stand by their merchandise

If not, more vehicles will be left in ohter states for them to go pick up. If they do not care why should we. It just does'nt make sense.


I put 4500 down on a 05 Gmc Envoy ,I drove my vehicle out of town to notice my center console where my gear sits at was completely broken,I got that fixed.I just drove to jackson tn.and now my bumper is falling off,why take peoples money and sell them a crappy piece of car but u want my car payment on time. And not to mention my drive out tags expired and noone has bothered to call me about my other tags,I got passed around 4times just for them to tell me they are there,I am do irritated. :( :(


I have a car from drivetime that I fell in love with. I was not late on my payments or anything.

I have not had the car 6 months yet and it is under 50,000 miles. That should be a great car, instead I have had to put it in the shop at least 4 different times. It is currently in the shop now for another issue and it has been there for at least a week now. They still haven't been able to find out what is wrong with it, but they do admit there is something wrong with it.

Tomorrow I am going to the repair shop to take all of my belongings out of the car and then I am going to call drivetime and tell them I do not want the vehicle anymore and they will need to come pick it up. I am anticipating a hard time on this, but I am prepared. If I had read these reviews before I had purchased the car, I would not have went to drivetime. The past few times I have had the car in the shop and it was something covered by their warranty they refused to cover it.

The people in the store are nice, but that is it. :(


A collector as my occupation, what these people are describing; payment being less than 30 days late and getting calls at work and often and the rudeness of the CS reps that are calling is indeed harrassments. The consumer credit act protects from repossessions before 60 days deliquency, service shut off and calls at work locations. These actions are harassment.

Most financial institutions know this law and do not put in for repossession/foreclosure until the payment 60 days late and then repossess at 90 days. Service shutoffs generally do not occur until the account is 30 days late (that means...the account is due on one day of the month and 30 days following, the account is considered late)

Most of us good collectors do not harrass to get money, we work with our customers circumstances to assure we get the payment, and keep the contract open and paid. There are such thing as slow payers (those who pay regularly, but are 30-45 days late regularly), that is still a credit category and most of those people have a 300-500 credit score due to slow pay.

I suggest that if your company is going to get half of its business (if not all) by luring in folks who need credit assistance, that you stand by your word throughout the contract and assist, not harass.


In reading your comment it's obvious you work for DriveTime. As far as you wanting a valid complaint, here you go.

Alot of people (if you read all the complaints) are complaining about the service you offer. It is a very hard time for millions of Americans right now, when someone is late (Don't you think they are aware) They don't need your csr's harrassing them numerious times a day. People WANT to pay their bills, When a contract is entered I'm sure they have full potential at the time to pay it off, but sometimes the bottom falls out. I don't recall anyone asking you or your company for a *** thing.

Treat people with respect and that's what you'll get back, harrass them and their guard goes up. Train your people, if they took the time to work with customers there would be less complaints and maybe even a compliment How do I know about customer service? Mr Drivetime you may ask. I'm in the customer relations business and have been for over 20 yrs.

Did'nt snyone ever teach you, you get more fly's with honey. So to you Drivetime employee, you sound as tho you are a stuff shirt type looking down your nose, at customers that are late or paying to have their car repaired that your company should have taken care of, and lied about the condition of the vehicle. What the majority are complaining about is your inability to run a DECENT company, an HONERABLE company, what you are is legal laon sharks, Are you gonna start breaking knee caps next?

Ps. lets hope YOU don't loose your job anytime soon, And please read that last line with sarcasim 'cause that's what I intended it to be.


I was thinking about looking to drive time as my credit will not support a new car loan. After reading all the horror stories on the is post I decided to check out the better business report on them.

They have well over 650 complaints. The majority of them are billing/collections and service issues. So far 122 complaints have been administratively closed, meaning the complaints were not corrected by Drive Time.

I sympathize with those who have been forced into a deal with such scoundrels.

I also thank you for the valuable heads up. As for you kyle007,Perhaps someday you will find a profession that helps your fellow man, instead of stalking in the bushes waiting to rape them.



I'm also assuming that you work for DT. Unfortunately I think YOU don't understand that sometimes life situations do happen.

I honestly hope you've been that lucky. However, for MOST people things do happen and if you have to make one payment (yes, for me it's been one throughout the life of my loan) late you shouldn't be harassed constantly NOR yelled at and hung up on by a manager. Not only do they make themselves look ridiculous but so does the company. The company so far has a horrible communication and treatment rate (from reading reviews) towards their customers.

If I was a business owner I'd be just as concerned about my reputation and customer satisfaction as I was about working with customers to get my money. After all bad reviews spread incredibly faster then a good one.

Fort Myer, Virginia, United States #221935


I'm assuming that you probably work for DT, or possibly have never made a late payment to a creditor, one or the other. In any event, I had my DT vehicle for three years and mailed by payment a day late (since my due dates were on the weekend, there was sometimes a delay of a day). Good 'ole DriveTime was happy to remind me after one day past the due date.

Pretty novel idea, but treat folks how you expect to be treated and one might notice a bit more satisfaction and cooperation from your customer base.

The true measure of a company's customer service is how they deal with customers when times are tough, not when they make every payment on time. This company specializes in sub prime paper. To think folks will not make late payments from time to time is ignorant...much like your post.


For the most part i am satisfied with my vehicle from drivetime,it is a little pricey but sufficient and it runs extremely well,i have taken several trips with the vehicle and other than replacing tires i really haven't had any problems,but i do have a complaint with some of there customer service reps,as we face a tough economy things happen,i agree don't get anything you can't pay for,but omg!!!! don't crucify the people and talk to them like they're !@#$$%^


I have a car through drivetime. I bought a 2007 Chevy Aveo.

I have loved the car since I purchased it 4+ months ago. As long as you are NEVER late on a payment the company is not bad. If you are late they will not work with you even if you need to make a payment a little late. Their customer service reps are RUDE and do LIE.

Just a heads up. As long as you watch what vehicle you get you should be fine. Short of it is that they could care less about you or your credit as a customer, as long as they get your money they will leave you alone.

I have not had any mechanical problems with my care yet, and I hope I never have to use their warranty. I would give them a 4 out of 10.

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