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We apologize for the mechanical issues you are having with your vehicle. All of our vehicles are inspected prior to sale to ensure they meet and exceed national safety standards. Given that we sell used vehicles it is difficult to determine when a particular component may fail in the future, which is why we offer optional coverage options like our limited vehicle protection plan. Our vehicle protection plan covers many costly repairs, but is not all inclusive. We would like to research your situation further, but with the information provided we are unable to locate your account. Please contact our Customer Relations team at your earliest convenience at 888-290-0148.

Kristen, Customer Relations

Drivetime is the worst in dealerships. I purchased a 2001 PT Cruiser that is a complete piece of junk. I have only had the car 2 years.

I have already had 3 transmissions, new water pump, new timing belt, new starter and now they are saying it needs a new engine.

They call you every day - if I don't answer or call you back --- go get the piece of ***, don't know where - it is at your mechanic.

Well goes to show, they just recently sold a woman a stolen vehicle, so it makes you wonder - do they really do at 52 point inspection? *** No!

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You are right!!! Toyota best car on the market - credit just not good enough after two lazy a*#*#* husbands!


You bought a car from these ***? at what 29%

and you expected them to act reasonable. See how the Senior Manager Keith Sarchett her in NC acts on other threads.


:grin thats what you get for buying a *** cruiser get a toyota!


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