we bought our care at drive time with a down payment of $2000.....drive time offers 3yr warranty for some part and towing.....but the reason is your gonna be visiting the repair shop and towing guys often. We have had our car for about 2yrs and we have spent over $2500 bucks in major repairs that drive time wouldn't cover.

We have had towing guys tell us how drive time customers always call his company that he get major busseness from drive time customers.

Your gonna pay big time for buying a car from drive time please don't waste your time. We can't wait to trade our car in to ford and get a brand new car.

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Same thing happened to me at drive time . My 2012 ford focus broke down 3 days after having it .

They told me i could return it so when i went to return it they kept nearly half of my down payment . So yeah they are rip offs .


All I can say is (OOH MY Goodness) looking at all of these complaints lemon cars, high interest, high down payments, the best thing to me to do is just keep my old beater and save up the money until I can get the car I want, I was thinking of giving drive time a try, but after looking at all of the complaint's, it's not just a hand full of complaint's, it's hundreds.I know now don;t even think of visiting drive time.


Hello everyone, I just wanted to know if drivetime is giving everyone csrfax report, and we you guys report them to the BBB is anything being done? Thanks for all of the reviews, because I certainly will not be buying a vehicle from this company.


If a company is calling you ten times in a day, to collect monies from you that you are late in paying is called harassment! The next time they call you, let them know to NOT call you again, you know you are late, and if they do call you again, you can report them to the Attorney General's Office for harassment...you can also threaten a law suit if they continue to call. A person MUST be at least 10 days late, or past a pay date BEFORE the company can call and harass you for payment.


I am in the same boat! Had my car a week and the front calipher fell off into the wheel and ceased up my car.

My 5 month old was in the back seat. Their recommended mechanic told me that they did not tighten the bolts and that they did not replace the rear brakes at all which needed to be replaced. He said it was common practice for DT to not make the needed repairs before selling vehicles.

You would think that for as much profit as they are making off of one vehicle that they would want to keep it running. GUESS NOT!


I knw what you mean, had this car for 3 months and had to pay out of my pocket and i used up my roadside help already. there is no way in *** i can trust this car to go out of town.

And if you try and get a call back from them it take a long time.

BUT if your late one day they call you like 10 time in one day. thats bullsh#@!

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