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In May 2011 I bought a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe in Drive Time Jacksonville, Florida. The cost of the unit was approx $28,000.00 including interest (22%).

In six months I had to send this unit four times to the same shop with the same problem (the serpentine belt). The last time they had to tows because the belt was broken. I ask Drive Time to change my car because obviously the problem was not the belt, but the car. And also by definition this SUV is a Lemon Car.

I told Drive Time that I can not drive a car who at any moment and at any place this belt could brake. Drive Time denied my petition.

Instead I was on time in my payments. I don't want to pay $28,000.00 for a Lemon car. I informed Drive Time about my decision to redeem the 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe voluntarily.

One month later they auctioned the SUV at low price,and they ask me to pay the difference of the balance.

For this reason they are The "Car Dealer Champion of the Worst"

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actually to the first replyer down there who obviously is a drive time shill (works for drive time), dropping off a car volenteerily and saying screw it is better then making payments for a car who by law cannot be sold...its called the lemon law, in which if a car is sold and the same problem happens three times after its been fixed, it must be exchaned for another car. and that one cant be sold until the problem is truly fixed.

nice that drive time are CRIMINALS who disobey state laws to steal money from people.

in other words..*** U


im taken my car back to drive time i can do that because im the one paying on it not them .. not paying on a car thay do not wont to fix dive time should be out off work ...

Linntown, Pennsylvania, United States #383507

Whenever you voluntarily give up a vehicle that you still owe on is just as bad a repossed vehicle. Either way, Drive Time still got their money and are charging you for the rest of it. Drive Time is not a reputable company, in my opinion, and I refuse to allow a shotty company as Drive Time to screw me over like that.


You gave the car back on your own. You cant just return it and say you dont want it anymore without paying your balance.

How *** are you? You dont own the car til it is paid off and you have the title, til then the bank owns it. You still have to pay.

I wish the government would make it a law that *** *** like you have to go to common sense financial classes. You are what is wrong with this country

to You Voluntarily Turned in The Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #604321

Why are you cussing out this customer! Your are the ***!

Not every state has the lemon law! You are what is wrong in this Country!


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