Deridder, Louisiana

My engine went out after only four months of ownership.I do my own oil changes but since i didnt keep record of this, they wouldn't cover it.

After a long fight and threatening to just let them have the car back, i end up having to pay 25% of the new engine repairs. I thought this should be covered by the warranty but they didn't. I also took the car in after i recieved it to fix a few minor problems, but it also happens that they didnt cover most of those things as well. One example, my left turn signal only works if i hold it down myself as it wont click in the down position and stay there.

They said technically, it still works so they wouldn't fix it. I also noticed that my car had been in an accident. You can tell that they painted the whole front side of the car. I remember signing a paper saying that my car has never been in an accident to their knowledge.

Even though i didnt notice when i bought it, it could have easily been noticed by an inspection. I should have taken a closer look but didnt because i figured since they offered a warranty, they would would at least done a visual inspection.

Little things like a really bad belt on the car, and loose wires on the engine, no screws on the battery case.I believe they just bought the car at an auction and put it on their lot.

Review about: Drivetime Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $15000.


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