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We apologize that you are unhappy with the financing that DriveTime offers. Because DriveTime specializes in financing for people with less than perfect credit, our pricing and interest rates are often higher. This is why DriveTime is very clear and up front with our customers about the terms of their car loans before purchase. It is ultimately the consumer’s decision if a vehicle and financing from DriveTime is right for them. If you would like to discuss this matter further please contact the Customer relations department at 888-290-0148.

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My husband and I are looking to buy another vehicle. We don't have very good credit and so are limited as to where we can purchase a vehicle.

We called 1-800-barnone since we had seen their commercials on television and they put Drive Time in touch with us. We do not live in the same city they are located but they asked us to set up an appointment. They really wouldn't go over pricing of the vehicles we were interested in over the phone so that raised a red flag. We still decided to go and check it out.

The vehicle we wanted to look at they had marked almost $5000 above book value. They wanted a huge down payment of $4500 and they wanted payment of of over $400 a month plus they charged 20% interest. My husband and I about choked. Then they gave us a list of cars that we had absolutely no interest in what so ever and asked if we wanted to look at any of those.

We said "No Thanks"! Sheesh we may have bad credit but we aren't ***!!! It seems to me that because they are a buy here pay here place they think they can take advantage of the consumer and that is very sad!!!

I definitely would not recommend them to anyone! Buyer Beware!!

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It's pretty funny listening to people who don't pay their bills, *** about the deal they are offered when car shopping. First of all, the reason they wanted $4500 down is because you don't make enough money for the payment.

That means that you are probably making minimum wage, want an expensive car, and have little down payment. You cannot have it all, or there would be no reward for people who have good credit. Poor credit people have to bring something to the table if they want to better their situation.

Drive time can actually be beneficial to the right customer.

Take my GF for example. She makes great money 50k per year, but had a nasty divorce, and an ex husband whom never paid taxes. Her credit sucks and she wanted a nice car. We went into drive time and she saw a Mini Cooper she liked for $11,500.

It was an 06 with 75k. The car books around 10k but the price is the price over there so there no haggling. She had $4500 in hand as the down payment but originally only wanted to put $1000 down. So they ran the numbers with $1000 down first.

It came back at 23% with a high payment. They told her that for every $250 more she put down they would drop the rate by .5%. So she decided to put the whole $4500 down. So she actually walked out of there at 16% interest and a $250 per monthly payment for 3.5 years.

I had to stop her from wanting to purchase their over priced warranty, gap insurance, and sky tracker add ons though. They are a super waste of money. So, all said and done, she drives a fancy car with an affordable payment and she is rebuilding her credit. Yes she put down a ton of dough but that's what it took to make it happen.

Unless you are in a similar situation with some cash down, or have decent credit, I would not go to drive time.

But it will work for the right buyer.

If you have a low down payment, bad credit, and you need a car, you have to lower your expectations. I would go see what a buy here pay here lot can do for you.


When I talked to an agent online, she was very sincere. I had problems looking at other places, and I informed her that I was on a budget, seeing as how I make 460 a month before tax.

She said that with a trade in, I could use the money from that as a down payment, and I won't take anything over book value. If push comes to shove, I'll drive my 20 year old car until it breaks down, cause I know I can get more money for it then than just trade in, but just because someone charges you a huge down payment doesn't mean they are out to get you. And, if they showed you cars that were in your price range, then you should be happy at least they are still trying to help you get from point A to point B.

Just because you don't want them or are not interested, doesn't mean that they wouldn't be great vehicles, and as stated before, you don't have to take their offer if you don't want. So it's kinda wrong to bad mouth a company because they are trying to help.


You pick the car out you drive the car and you just do everything is on you to make the choice. If your down payment was fourty five 100 its is because you didn't qualify even make enough money.

you picked out your car. :eek :eek that car was 4500 for the down payment..

they don't forc :p :p :p e you to get anything they help you. How do they make money off of it when they're treating in cars that they just look at them and check it out and then they use it as a payment so if you don't have nothing to show for to trade in or any money to put down the num :roll bers on you they're kinda , courteous

Glendale, Arizona, United States #597968

Yeah right they were good to us. Kind, easy to work wiith and only wanted this

piece of *** Saturn that Hyundai sold us...



CERTIFIED PRE OWNED MY A** seriously that is just another ***ed name to make someone pay more you know you guys tried charging 10,000$ for a CAVALIER? a fuc**** CAVALIER!

I don't give a shi* what CPO bullshi* you guys are running but that is NOT worth ANYWHERE near that amount!

It's a complete rip off oil changes and ect for the amount of time quoted at would still only amount to MAYBE 500$ that does not account for the other 4500$ OVER the price you are charging. Seriously the only time I would come here is to buy a car that books for that value otherwise NEVER go there.

to DriveLIES #764419

Agreed. A cavalier is not a very worthy car.

I had mine for 2 months that I bought off of someone for $750 and it blew an engine rod.

***, I got $1000 for it for a trade in because of the scrap metal. With that, I was able to purchase a 1993 Buick park avenue ultra for another thousand, then we ended up putting another two thousand into it, and we bought the buick at a reputable Chandler Chevrolet dealer!

So if anything, all dealers are out to get yah, no matter what!


"3 year 36,000 mile warranty". That is not true.

It is 6 months. Does drivetime tell the truth on any thing? I have had my car for 2 years. I still have to pay on it till 2014.

The car is broke down, and drive time said that I can pay 50.00 at one of their shops. That is just to have it looked at. Then I will have to pay half of the repairs at the time I pick it up, and the other half in monthy payments. They can charge me what ever they want, and I would have to pay half of it.

Also I pay a 28 percent interest at 250 every two weeks, on a car that is no freals kea 2005. The only thing drivetime thinks about is lining their pockets.

Now Mr. Salesman, tell me that isn't true.

to Lynn #788330

Maybe you dumb people should work on your credit rating and then you won't have to deal with a company like Drive Time.

Southwest Mabou, Nova Scotia, Canada #242226

What drivetime does is present you with the options available to you according to your approval. Everything is systematic, meaning based off your approval determines your minimum down payment.

If you was told you needed $4500 as a down payment, either your income was below $2000 or the approval you received that down payment was needed to get you below your max payment qualifications. Drivetime is a no pressure dealership that doesn't force you to buy, so they no intentions of getting over on you. If you are checking KBB make sure you check certified pre owned and not trade in value some cars are gonna be off some is going to be close. Because every car they buy need different repairs so the cost has to be made up somewhere.

That's why they offer the 3 year 36,000 mile warranty. With the market they serve the rates are going to be highter, but it is a simple interest loan meaning you can pay it off at anytime by paying more if you can like a credit card. Drivetime doesn't try to trap you in a loan they are no prepayment penalties.The goal is to help you find an affordable vehicle so you can rebuild your situation...some customers want the most expensive car with a low monthly payment and a small down payment.

These things don't go hand and hand when u have credits issues and it makes it hard to service those customers. If you want luxury you should expect to pay more, if you want affordable bigger down payment, more inexpensive car.

to car sales #764422


All dealers are out to get something for their time. And for more time they have to spend on a customer working to get them a loan, the more they want, especially if it is the dealership giving the loan. I am only 20 yrs old and I know for a fact that the nicer the vehicle you want, the more money you will need.

PaytonPlaceAuto is the best place I have experienced yet. They worked with the lenders who ended up denying me, because my boyfriends trust fund checks weren't considered reliable income, but they were sincere and honest and they were willing to work with me. I even showed up with proof of what the vehicle I wanted was worth, all the information for my car including work done, how much it was worth and any and all information I could find on it.

I believe if more people did that, then maybe they wouldn't get screwed over. It all depends on how smart you are as to how your deal turns out. You can only blame yourselves if you actually take a deal that is not what YOU want.


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