I was very happy with drive time at one point. I paid off a car with them and went back to them as a CHAMP customer.

I purchased a beautiful Dodge Durango and from the time I took it off the lot it had problems. 3 times this car was put in the shop only 26 days into my contract and the last time they say they couldn't mimic a issue that was happening intermittenly. How do you mimic an intermitten problem? All I wanted was a different vehicle to feel safe and they refused to help.

They offered to get me out of the contract. How do you tell a customer we don't want your money. I need a vehicle I don't want to get out of the contract I don't understand. If they feel the car is safe do with it what you feel necessary but get me into something that I feel safer with my toddler.

I asked them if I keep the vehicle and something happens since this is an intermitten issue then what and they could not answer my question.

I am not trying to get ahold of the VP and this is like pulling teeth that are not ready to be pulled. GEEZ what's a girl gotta do?

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my email is drogreg@yahoo.com


I was looking at getting a car at Drivetime Did you have to put alot of money down if u dont mind me asking? I know the cars are overprice but i dont have good credit :(

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