Drive time called my job to embarrass md they called my human resource to say I am late on payments. I am late because I been piecing this car together since I've had it in 2011 i have already spent 6000 in repairs some one pray i get out this ragedy mobile.

I am so upset with their ghetto service. Their the worst company i been having this 2001 and car since 2007 and I can't get it refinanc..

This car has caused me more problems than it worth. I need an attorney and see what I can do to get my dignity back at work

Monetary Loss: $23000.

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Birmingham, Alabama, United States #637980

Hi!!! I've had similar issues with Drive Time and would like to see if I can help you, please contact me at fmly_l@yahoo.com. Mrs.Lee thanks.


Soooo HONEST how long have you been working for DRIVETIME :grin


Accept that they do need a lawyer if the warranty was not kept as promised by the company. Yay breach of contract. How about the company Man Up and do what they are legally obligated to.


If this company called your job, you must have ignored there calls at home and messages you never returned. WAKE UP.

You will not get an attorney for this. MAN UP TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE LOAN AGREEMENT THAT YOU SIGNED. ***...How your going to pay 6000 on a vehicle that you could have just went ahead and paid off and the loan is over.

Then started fresh with a new company. Why don't you tell people how many extensions Drivetime done gave you on the loan after you promised to bring it current....

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