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Hello Lowell,

Thank you for taking the opportunity to leave your review. I am deeply sorry to hear that you have been experiencing mechanical issues with the transmission in your vehicle.

Please know that we try our best to accommodate our customers when it comes to major mechanical malfunctions. However, in instances such as these, the repair facility that completed the original repair must be given the opportunity to resolve the issue and warranty their work prior to DriveTime taking further action.

That being said, I want to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused. Upon further review, I see that you have already been in contact with my Customer Relations team concerning this matter. Please continue working with us so that we may work toward an amicable resolution.

Thank you,
Jacob – Customer Relations
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Bought my car from drive time in October 2015 it was a 2008 hydunai Elantra. I been paying on my car for a year and half then in may 19,2017 the check light comes on when i pulling into work, so I had to wait until Monday before I could get a hold of drivetime.

I called them and was told to call the power train warranty company to get it fixed so I did. The next day I took to brownies to get checked found out it was the transmission so they told me it’ll be about 2 weeks when they could have done due to having to wait for the part to come in for a rebuilt. I got my car back on June 5 2017 drove good like nothing was wrong then about a month an half later; the same problem happens with the transmission so I call the warranty company and said being it back to brownies to get it fixed again. So I took it back in on August 2, 2017 was told that it should take about a week and half to fix this time.

So I waited and called 2 weeks later to find out what’s going on and the manager toms says, “ my car is rejecting the new transmission body value so they have to pull it again. About a week later I call again to see if they made any progress then to come to find out the electrical board needs replaced so does the body value for a second time in two weeks, the same problem happens again multiple times with the body value not working the next following weeks.So finally on September 7,2017 they call saying my call was ready to be picked up. I get back it driving great then two later on September 23,2017 the same problem happens again with the transmission.

At this point drive time needs to do something to fix my car or replace it. Paying all this money for a car that doesn’t run right

Product or Service Mentioned: 2008 Hyundai Elantra Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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