I have been experiencing numerous problems with a 2002 grand am GT i bought from there i have only had it for 4 months i am paying 22,000 for this car.

ive had to flush the coolant from it it had brown gunk inside it(100$) and the alternator is going out its squealing like crazy the spare they gave me was flat so when i needed it it was not much help and now yesterday the car completly stopped working this is getting old....

i have good credit but not enough to purchase a vehicle on my own they seemed like they were offering me a deal that otherwise i could not have made but this was a nightmare in disquise...

Monetary Loss: $22.

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A 2002 Grand Am for $22K?!! I didn't pay that much for my 2008 Honda Accord & my credit isn't perfect!!


You paid $22K for a 2002 Grand Am? That is 3 times what the going price is.

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