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So we purchased a Volvo and then wrecked it was a total loss. Our insurance paid it's part and drive time sent us a letter stating we were covered under total loss protection.

On their website and paperwork they gave us is says clearly....One of our advantages is we have total loss protection. We cover whatever your insurance doesn't ...NO QUESTIONS ASKED, So now one month later they are calling us and saying we owe them the outstanding amount? What in the world do we do? Should we sue them?

We cannot pay this! Help me!

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I'd be curiour to hear how this played out. I'm in Phoenix about to face potentially the same issue. Let me know


Your total loss protection plan states you have to get the vehicle replaced at Drive Time. It does notwork if you dont get your replacement vehicle from Drive Time


It is true. In all Gap insurances, the consumer is responsible for your primary insuranse deductible and the Gap insurance doesn't cover any extended payment during the time of the loan prior to the date of loss.

So if you did that than yes you are responsible for those too. That's true for any Gap insurance. Your lucky that was even offered! Think of it this way, you could have bought the vehicle from some other used car lot and ended up with nothing now other than a 30/90 day powertrain warrantee, but no you choose DT cause of what they had to offer that was all included in the price of a car.

Do your research, find out what other finance/dealership that offers all that in a price of a car! Trust me not out there. You have to pay extra, so unfortunately life happened to you and you had to extend a payment or so and than had a large insurance deductible (because you didn't want to pay a high monthly insurance payment and oh ya, you didn't think this would happen too you) right. Call them make arrangement cause *** aint free.

Think about the differance from what the insurance paid and what you could have ended up paying and be thankful for that.

Again do the research. Nothing is free, you end up having to pay something.


You are covered with total loss protection. Read your contract. You are responsible for paying your insurance deductible (usually $500-$1000) to get into another vehicle or to walk away from the loan entirely.


I am also tired of you. Your not going to do nothing.

You should be ashame of yourself too. Oh we are committed to provide great customer experience.

Why don't you make visit to people houses and tell them that. Drivetime also hides behind computers and phones.


I wouldn't pay them jack if the paperwork says you had the protection then make them pay start calling and or filling a complaint with the BBB in your state and then start calling your local news stations and file a consumer complaint againist them and if you can get a lawyer and sue them don't let them run you over.


DriveTime is committed to providing a great customer experience. Please contact us at 888-290-0148, so we can attempt to resolve this matter.

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You have the letter so why are you worried. Where do you people come from?


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