Several Complaints:

Very poor customer service: Say they work for you but DON'T see the BIG picture.

DON'T read notes on your file but say they did. If they did, they would know the history on my account. ONLY COMPANY that when I hang up the phone, I am in tears and I have told them so. THEY do NOT care what your situation is, they ONLY want you to bend over backwards to make a payment and if you can't, they threaten NOT only to pick up your vehicle but also to garnish your paycheck after they have your transportation to get to work.

If I could pay for the vehicle, I would not have them calling me for a payment up to 3 times per day if you are only 1 week late.

Don't they have any compassion? I think NOT. NO ONE there.

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these losers took a car of a person whos work place was destroyed in a tornado in may they 100s tornados and drivetime im sure seen a chance to steal alot of money from people who had gotten cars from them


The world gets tired of deadbeat losers like you who cry and think everyone should feel sorry for you. Pay up or shut up!!!! :cry :cry :cry

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