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Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. DriveTime values the feedback we receive from consumers and will use this as an opportunity for improvement. Please know that these issues will be addressed. If there is anything we can do, please contact us at 888-290-0148.

Roxanne, DriveTime Customer Relations

drie time is a rip off company I bought a 2004 ford taurus in which they priced at 2500. more than other dealers at that time. Other dealers the price wa

price was 9999.00 at 25%interest no mercy won't buy another car from them ever.

Drive time only want people who have bad credit, so they can rip you off.

the only experience I have with them is bad, no mercy if you become like myself had stomach cancer they did not care only response fro them is when are you going to make your payment? multiple phone calls, most part nasty representatives some were nice.

Don't buy from drive time.

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Yall are a bunch of tity babies...all i hear is yall complaning but not doing anything about it....jeez just suck it up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT....


Jut to do it I looked on there website to price a car, I found a o4 chevy venture 101k miles they want 14,800, kelly blue book 6,500.


This is the business they are in. If everyone had good credit they would go to a legit dealer and get financed @ 3%. For every customer who has complained about paying 22% on an overpriced car I am sure there are customers that fully understood what they were signing and knew it would be expensive due to their questionable credit background.


I purchased an automobile from them and was on time with the payments except for once told them the story still made the payment and paid for the late fee on it and also i needed an extension because the transmission had went out after the warranty and they did it for me and i paid for the car in installments as they asked me to after the car is FULLY PAID FOR...they didnt send me any notice that the car had any previous billing on it of any kind they stated that i owed for repairs and late fees which i had only been late once. They stated it was more than once the issue they are speaking about is when THEY RELOCATED AND DIDN'T NOT SEND ANY NOTICED NOT TO SEND THE PAYMENT TO THE OLD ADDRESS BUT HAD A NEW ADDRESS..THEY WANTED TO PENALIZE ME FOR THAT..and they REPOED my car after business far as i am concern they are A TOTAL RIP OFF BUT THE CAR SERVED ITS PURPOSE FOR THE LORD THEY WILL HAVE TO TAKE IT UP WITH HIM..MAY GOD BLESS THEM ANYWAY..I AM A CHRISTIAN SO I AM GOING TO KEEP A CHRISTIAN ATTITUDE ABOUT IT..GOD HAS SOMETHING MUCH BETTER FOR ME THAN DRIVETIME..THEY DON'T GET TO STILL MY JOY IN JESUS...TO GOD BE THE GLORY


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