i purchaed a car fro drive time in nvemember 17,2009 and four months later the engine has had stop running . I am being told nothing they can do but i stil have to pay the car note.

There is no way i can come up with 1495.00 to get a car fix and i am being told the engine failing has nothing to do with me.

can someone help? I was told by drive time i have to come up with 750.00 and they will take the rest and give me payment plan of 185.00 a month my car note is 354 and add 185 to it is 539 and i can not do this.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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I bought a car from them and with the 3 year warranty, you are only responsible for $50 for a deductible...


Good luck! :upset We had the same problem with a Nissan we bought in 2008.

Within 4 months, we started having problems and less than one year after purchasing, had to do the same $750 down, etc.

I will tell you that the people at the loan place said most customers rarely pay them back for repairs and they don't even come after you! Weird, Anyway - after putting over $2500 into repairs, the whole engine blew about 2 months ago, we told them to come get it, it sold at auction for $1700, they charged us $450 for repo and now we over almost $12000 on nothing - and we've already put well over $10000 out on it.

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