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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for any miscommunications or misunderstandings in regard to your payment schedule or our late payment procedures. We would like the chance to address your concerns, however with the information you have provided we are unable to access your account. Please contact us at your earliest convenience, 888-290-0148.

Roxanne, DriveTime Customer Relations

car loan 2 years now pay $400 a month don't be one day late they are on your phone 5 min after payment is late. Don't be a good customer and make timely payments then ask to refinance or trade in on new car the answer is tough pay it off and we will talk to you but till then we got your butt and not a thing you can do hahahah. I know some times you have to do things to survive like i did when you need a car to live but don't do it with these guys they are vaulters just waiting to pick your bones clean.

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drive time translator, are you kidding me? most reputable car lots, 99% actually, have a 5 day grace period before they start hounding you.

not too mention drive time hounds people, calls them a day before their payments are due to make sure they are going to pay it on time.

drive time is a horrible companym with horrible cars, and mean worthless employees.


You have to pay your bills on that reasonable...if Drive Time owed you money, I am certain you would call them if they were 2 days late paying you too...I am tired of the ignorance!


DT is calling me at my work, calls after calls. They left a message and I was waiting until I was off work to give them a call.

Granted I am about 2 days late makeing my payment, but really this is ridiculous. There a laws against Creditor Harrassment!!!!


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