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I realize you posted this in October and I apologize for the delay in seeing your complaint. If there is still an outstanding issue please contact us directly at 888-290-0148 so we can work towards a resolution.

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My Fiance and I were in our early 20's just beginning in our jobs & had low credit but we needed a vehicle in order for my fiance to get to work. So we went to Drive Time as they were the only ones that would approve us for a car.

Neither of us had much experience or knowledge on the subject. The sales person told us I had to be on the lease also & showed us 5 different cars, the first one we said we liked they were going to get it and then said that someone else had already claimed it and explained that another center had one similar but at a slightly higher rate, then when they called over... oops that one was gone also, so then they showed us the third slightly higher priced vehicle and then promptly found yet another reason why we couldnt get it, so finally w/the last two choices and the fear of another sudden "oops" happening again we hurried & signed the lease. With in one week the windows didnt roll up anymore and although we were assured the fluids had all been filled it was only the 2nd day that the oil light came on.

We contacted our Sales Rep and were told we couldnt return it because it would be breaking the lease. So we stuck with it and found that the casing on the ignition pulled completely off when we pulled the key out not our 3rd week in, the cigarette lighter never worked and so we called the warranty line & were told to take it to a specific location which was a good 20 min drive away but we were assured the $40 fee would be waived so we sucked it up and waited for the few hours it took for them to diagnose the car, then the mechanic came back and told us it was an issue w/the electrical system and would require a different kind of diagnoses that would be another $180 if we wanted it checked. We couldnt afford that what with the bi-monthly payments taking up my fiance's check and mine barely covering our other bills. So we called Drive Time again and were told there was nothing they could do.

So we kept paying for the car praying it would stay together long enough for us to save up money for all the repairs it was obviously going to need. Then my Fiance lost his job about 6 months into having it and Drive Time told us that all they could do was hold off for about 2 weeks and then when I called in to let them know he hadnt been able to find a job yet and that I couldnt afford it, they asked me why I had told them I could. I told them I did not tell them that, the rep said they would have given me different options if I had told them the situation. I told them that I had infact explained exactly the situation and the only option given to me was what I took.

They all but called me a liar and threatened us with lawsuits and reposession. So after trying a few weeks more to get a job wondering each day if it would be reposessed we called in and were told the best option would be to voluntarily give it back and that it would be sold and we would be notified of when it was sold and would be invited to the auction ourselves. So figuring we had no other option we took it back handed over the keys and waited for notice. Its been more than a year later and we just now got a notice that we are being suied for the full amount of the remaining lease.

We were never notified of an auction or a sale and My fiance is out of work again. Periodically over the past year or so I had called to inquire and was told I was not on the lease and could have no information on it.

Never were we contacted by Drive Time or any other entity. Now we receive a letter dated 09/18 saying we have ten days to make arrangements but we received it today 10/08 so we never got the ten days and have no idea what we are supposed to do now.

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Wow, I don't know why I am surprised so many people leave rude comments on here, but I am. This person told their story in great detail, to try and ensure other people were aware of the situation. I know may people personally who have gone through drive time, or ugly duckling (which is what drivetime was called before they had to change their name to escape their shady reputation) and have had similar stories. Yes there are two sides to every story, but this person isn't asking you to judge her personal life. She didn't say hey, chime in on what you think about my relationship, or even ask for any opinions at all. How about we as humans try being helpful for a change instead of simply casting out the first rude remark we can think of.

And if you are someone who has most of their bills paid by mommy & daddy and has a full family to fall back on when things get rough, guess are a minority. Most of us don't have people to carry us through ...we just have to deal with life as it comes.

Just a humble opinion. To the person who wrote this originally I hope everything worked out. :x


What you are getting is settlement letters. They should be offering you to close out the remaining balance with only having to pay 10%.

Now, here is the messed up part.

You gave it back and have not fulfilled the rest of the loan, they are reporting every month as a repo on your credit report.

If you pay the 10%, then it close out on your credit report as -Repo-Settled. With that, in 7 years it will drop off.

San Jose, California, United States #699561

Oh shut the *** up. Your just mad that your car was repossed. ***.

to Drivetime Phoenix, Arizona, United States #755727
DriveTime Automotive Group

We appreciate you attempting to resolve our customer's concerns, but please refrain from resolving any customer service issues on our behalf. We'll take it from here.

Roswell, Georgia, United States #692518

As an Insurance Professional, I can tell you unequivocally that DriveTime does "lease." First their is a lienholder, in general loaning the money for the downpayment and other peripheral charges and then the "lease" portion is the rent-to-own side. Lienholder/Leaseholder for older used cars.

Please, if you cannot afford to buy through someone else, then do your best to find an alternative over buying from DriveTime, take the bus if you must or anything else you can find to get a car short of their bogus underhanded slimey way of doing business.

If you end up using them, then insist on taking the car to an independent mechanic to have it checked over, better to pay them a small fee then to pay through the nose for a broke down piece of junk. (get a Carfax, too)




First of all, Drivetime doesn't Lease vehicles. The oil light comes on when it is time for an oil change, and it may have been on the lot long enough for that to be the case.

It is a used car. Thing's break all the time. And if you made the payments you wouldn't be sued. It isn't the company's fault.

You had bad luck. Sure there was probably rude collections people.

But that is their job. There are always two sides.

to THINKER Tucson, Arizona, United States #640522

drivetime DOES lease

to THINKER Tucson, Arizona, United States #640530

over a eyar later and he is still just your fiance?

and why cant he hold a job?

to THINKER Tampa, Florida, United States #738146

Your wrong genius, drive time does have a lease cancell any time program, and for your information all dealers that cater to bad credit or no credit consumers exploit there customers, when you don't have crediability your at the mercy of the vultures, that is the cross youcarry. C M C ..Florida


i know your pain i have a 2005 kia optima i purchased it in 2007 from drivetime i have never been late on any payments until recently i was $100 past due and it was only past due by a day or so and all of a sudden i was stasrting to be harrased by drivetime. Now my car is broke down i was told to take it to a specific location and that a diagnostic was going to cost $40.

Now i have been told that after having no previous major issues with the car that im going to need a new engine and its going to cost $3000.

I cant afford that not even with drivetimes bs repair assistance program in whic you have to put down a third of the money at the time of repair and pay off the rest in 90 days. I called them and told them they can come and get the car because its useless to me now they suck and so do their cars


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