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We apologize that you are unhappy with DriveTime. It is correct that if a payment is past due, DriveTime Loan Advisors will attempt to contact our customer. However, we strive to be as professional as possible in our interactions with all our customers. If that did not happen in your case, we truly apologize. If you would like to discuss this matter further please contact the Customer Relations Department at 888-290-0148.

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do not buy a car from drive time,if you are late on a payment of 1 day the harrijg calls start, the people are extremlly rude disrespectful and lie too you.they dont care anything about their cousrmers just give them your money.their cars have a intrest rate so high you pay twice what the vehicle is worth.if i had it to do over again i would go just about any where else than there.also my vehicle broke down right after i got it 1 mounth under their so called warenty they were supposed to pay for and i had too pay half ofthe cost $ not give them a post dated check they will lie too you and cash it early and cost you even more money,they are *** bags. go elsewhere

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We're currently looking at drive time to get a car, mine was totaled, and we have horrible credit, we're trying to put enough down to bring down the interest. They even printed out the money down that brings that apr down.

The apr we can get with 4500 down is 8.99% ! That even after cleaning up our credit will never happen. I dont understand what you mean about them not covering your car, they are corporate and you signed an agreement saying in the first year they service your car, you just pay $50 co pay, so what happened there?? I am just really curious alot of complaints arent real specific here.Another thing you really need to get with your bank about that post dating!

That is not allowed and your bank would let the money go, thats insane! But is your banks error. And since it is a bad credit based place, you will be paying way more than the car is worth, unfortunatly chances run out in America. I wanna stay with them because I want a safe realiable car, so did you pul the car report, and bring in a mechanic to check the car before you bought it??

Also its great a newer car brings your payments down.

Even though it seems simpler it doesnt mean you cant just not investigate your car or your agreements. Best of luck


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