They acted so concerned about me & I noticed I kept getting different sales-people each step I took. To sum it all up, they wound-up charging me three time what the car was actually worth.

I din't find this out until I got in touch with them & learned the pay-off while I was in the process of getting a new car. Wow!!!! Talk about a surprise. Do not trust them and please don't buy a vehicle from them.

They are somehow committing robbery to unsuspecting customers. They kept me from reading the fine lines by having a different salsperson each step I went in the process. They are somehow getting by legally by robbing people who are desperate to get a decent auto even though they have credit problems.

Who doesn't have credit problemes these days with all the greedy crooks out there. EHy does our Government allow companies like these to operate?

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The government is not responsible for every citizen's car purchase. That's ridiculous.


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