Don't understand all these complaints! I have bad credit and went to Drive Time.

I put $1000 down on my van. I have had the van for 3 years now with minor repairs here and there, of course because it was a used vehicle. Drive Time has always worked things out with me when I've had to have repairs done such as applying the paid repairs towards my loan. I have excellent pay history with Drive Time and in 3 months I become a Drive Time champ.

This means that I have paid my loan down to $3,500 and have the opportunity to trade my van in with them for no additional money down, better interest rate, and get a better vehicle.

I have been to other big dealerships in the past month and they all want my trade in plus $2000 down for another vehicle and high payments. I will be looking forward to getting another vehicle with Drive Time 3 months from now.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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Sebastian, Florida, United States #792837

8) bought my ford explorer sport trac from drive time and I just love it

Duncan, South Carolina, United States #790852

I really don't see the problem with them either. I've had a car with them for about 4 years now.

In that time I've had two things go wrong; the fuel pump went out and the starter went out. Both covered under warranty, both fixed in a matter of hours.

Never had another problem with it. They've never been rude to me, never called and harrassed me when I was a few days late with a payment.


I was going to go to drivetime for a car but I dont think so now with all the bad reviews I have read.....I have enough to deal with I dont need to take on a car company.


I purchased a small truck from DriveTime...I knew I needed to get my credit back in order. DriveTime did everything they said they were going to do.

I know I paid waaayyyy too much, but I'm the one that messed up my credit..not DriveTime. You people complaining are whiners, Y'all need to take responsibility for your own life screw-ups and appreciate a company that will give you a chance to fix your credit....stop crying and start paying your bills..then guess what?..you won't have to shop at sub prime lenders....grow up and be responsible...there's only one way to fix bad credit....you have to pay more!!!


This is so weird. I think drivetime is doing a good job.

I bought a car back in May it was a 2007 chevy trailblazer with 107000 miles on it. , have it for almost 4 months now and havent had a problem yet..

They have been very helpful and i have had a great experience with them. All these reviews are making me very nervous though.


My sister in law got a car from drive time, and from what she said they were very good, the car was in great shape, she never had issues with it, and she would go back to them again.


You must work for the dealer.


I am looking for a car, but after looking at these reviews, I will not be shopping at drivetime. They seem shady to me.

They make you make an appointment to come in. I don't know of ANY other car place that does that.

I would rather buy a five hundred dollar beater from an individual, then save up my money to buy a decent car. This place seems like little more than one of those fly by night car sales places that you see in bad areas of town, with cars that have come to rest there from auctions, and salvage sales.


Wow, I am so surprised at all of the flack about Drive Time. I just got a car from them yesterday, so I can't say yay or nay to any of this, but I feel like I got a good deal and a good vehicle.

I have a 2002 Ford Taurus with only 76000 miles on it. That's pretty good I think. It drives fine, and it's clean, looks brand new. If something major goes wrong in less than 6 months, then what they advertise about their inspections is not true, then the consumer should not be help responsible for the rest of their loan.

But DriveTime gave me an opportunity to get a car when my other car that was a real lemon put me down, and when other dealers wanted more than I could afford as a down payment, or too much money a month, or a car that I didn't want.

I hope that I'm one of the lucky ones, if this is their rep. I'll let you guys know in a few months.


want to get out of the car? file a BBB claim (Better Business Bureau)


Then contact your local Attorney General

Then contact your local DMV (only if there is issues with the vehicle)

They will let you get out of the car take it from someone who use to work there !!!


I SOOO AGREE WITH YOU KEN, ALL THAT "applying the paid repairs towards my loan" Is called a defferment, and all that is is that they just push the payment you should have paid that mont or week but couldnt because of a repair to the end of the loan, so Melinda 79 dont think they subtract whatever you spent from the loan, they just push it to the back to be paid later, Trust me honey, I ran outa defferments due to me using them so many times.


You paid three times as much for the car and your interest rate is probably 24percent. You have repairs place on your loan wow where was the warranty. These people are rip offs and you know it.


you must be the only person in this world that got a good car, or you are a employee for drivetime. In 3 month you will find out the hard way, and you will see how it feels to fight with this bad co.

So save all the money you can beause you will need it to pay for repairs on your lemon from drivetime. GOOD LUCK.


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