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We apologize for the frustrations you have been having with your car loan. DriveTime has been working under the name DriveTime since 2002 and we have no plans to change our name in the future. Because DriveTime specializes in financing for people with less than perfect credit, our pricing and interest rates are higher. If a DriveTime customer falls behind on their payments we will typically go to great lengths to try to work with them to keep them in the vehicle. At a certain point, sometimes DriveTime will have to repossess a vehicle, however, we do it as a last resort. As a business decision, it is always better to keep a customer in their vehicle than to repossess it. If you would like to discuss this matter further please contact the Customer relations department at 888-290-0148.

J.P. Customer Relations

Beware of this company they go in and out of business all of the time and just change their names. They have been Ugly Duckling used cars also MPH used cars now Drive time used cars and there were other names as well.

They say whatever it takes to get your money, they sell you over priced high mileage *** at a ridiculous interest rate (ok bad credit THAT part I accept). They will hound you for the payment the SECOND it is due and they will repo your car keep your money and resell the car in a heart beat.

They are rude, aggressive, liars and are just plain dishonest. No car? bad credit? trust me the bus is still better than this company. Your attempt at new credit will be ruined, the car will fall apart and they will do nothing but threaten you.

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I have chevy trailblazer they are some lying *** people they sell u this car than dont want to do anything about the repair i should have never got a car with them, :( :(


First it was the banks that managed to steal and lie into the position of 700 billion dollars and gave themselves raises first, and

second was to buy out competition buildings

poor position the banks are withholding all moneys from any loans, good or bad after those events in which they prospered, that includes homes, cars, and construction new build loans


I set up my payments on auto draft and found out today that I have been paying interest because my payment is always unknowingly 1 to 2 days late every two weeks. I set it up to come out early and it clears my account before the actual due date but does not reach their bank, so they charge me $8.32 every day until their bank clears it.

No one ever told me they were doing this and the charges have been racking up for a year. If I keep the car I will end up paying 24K for a car worth 7k and they are still trying to find ways of stealing more money from me. Going to buy a cash car next week and returning this to the lot. The girl I spoke to in customer service today told me they screwed her over and she is employed with the company.

BUYER BEWARE...Save up and buy a cash car.

My car has broken down countless times within the past year and I have already paid them 6K. You can buy a really nice dependable car for far less than 6K and I doubt this one will last much longer.


First, it is not an alias. It is often referred to as a "DBA" or "Doing Business As." Second, it is a second chance loan company, which means they work with banks to offer risky investments (you, or anyone else who has poor credit/repossessions on credit) to buy.

The banks are reticent to lend money to people with poor payment history, so it is in fact you who is putting the bank in a poor position. You cannot take money from someone--that is what a car loan is--and then not pay it back.


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