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We apologize if any errors were made with the due dates of your car payments. All of the information about the amount and schedule of the car payments are printed on the sales contract and presented to you for you to review before you sign. Typically, our loan advisors can assist you with a modification to your loan that would change your due date. For assistance, please contact the Customer Relations Department at 888-290-0148.

J.P. Customer Relations

They are absoululy scanners.The district manager set up my payment plan on the wrong date and they balamed me.

They said if I dont make the payment on the date they set up they would take my car and my down payment and leave me with nothing.

This place makes a mistake and I have to pay for it what the *** kind of buisness are they running.BYERS BEWARE!!!!!!Just because you have bad credit doesnt mean your ***, please if any one out there needs a car that bad dont go to drive time you will regret it.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #622540

Okay if you're desperate and want just anything you can get, but at an ungodly 24% interest to buy dirty, rundown used cars with over 100,000 miles on them you really are better off waiting until your credit is better.I had a great plus score of 732, AND $3000 cash down payment, and they couldn't do better than 22% if I "paid down" the interest.

Seriously - this is like one of those terrible rate visa cards they give to seriously bad credit risks.

Talk about a waste of my time, and a hard hit on my credit score to make matters worse!DON'T DO IT!


This person is a whiner and most likely screwed up their own information.DriveTime was a great experience for me and I am very happy.

I recommend them to anybody who asks.

If you can't even spell right then you most likely can't handle much else.....Quit your crying!!!!!!!As for paying off the car early as others have said, You sign A CONTRACT!!!!!


My wife and I wanted to pay off our car loan with them and they wouldn't even negotiate the remaining balance, instead they wanted to penalize us for early payoff.......This place is a joke, I will never buy from them again.

to Ron Newark, New Jersey, United States #599936

Why would they negotiate the payoff price? What would be in it for them?

to ***fused #761719

Because they would make more money if you continued to pay the interest. This goes for any loan. The payoff is typically not the balance.


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