I purchased a another car after I totaled my first one from them and it was the biggest mistake I ever made.. Their customer service reps are rude, and as far as their guarantee its BOGUS..I should of stopped while I was a head. I was told by the manufacture that my car would need a timming belt by 75000 miles and I have the documents and their warranty won't cover it until it actually breaks which could cause motor damage all this cause my cams seals were leaking AND I had noticed a leak from my car..Ever since I bought my 2007 suzuki forcia I had had notthing but problems..And all I want thme is to fix the DAM car once and for all instead of putting out money..I mean hey they don't give a dam about the consumer its alll about the $$$ and getting their payments on time..This company obviously doesnt relaize that if it wasn't for the customer they wouldn't have their jobs..If I could do it all over again I'd go with another dealer this waas a big mistake shoulf of stopped while I was ahead with first car..I'm one very unhappy customer..

Review about: Drivetime Warranty.

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