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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for any miscommunications or misunderstandings in regard to your payment schedule or our collection process. We would like the chance to address your concerns, however with the information you have provided we are unable to access your account. Please contact us at your earliest convenience, 888-290-0148.

Roxanne, DriveTime Customer Relations

I purchased a car from drive time. Six months later the transmission went out in the car.

They harassed the *** out of me. They left back to back messages on my voice mail, yelling and screaming at me about my payments. They have 0 grace periods on car payments - no matter what. Do not expect any sympathy from this company.

They are rude and hateful to the customer. My car is now paid off, and I have racked up about $700 in late fees due to the outrageous interest rate.

Still paying..... I want my title just like they wanted their payments.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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The government outlawed alcohol (prohibition) to drive it they knew people weren't gonna stop drinking. Truth be told, they didn't want them to. While underground and out of sight the government took it over. All the massacres and shoot outs you are taught in history class and see on the gangsta movies is the government scape-goating the bootleggers in their usual strategy of diverting the public from investigating them as the culprits.

Does Lee Harvey, Jack Ruby & JFK seem familiar?

What happened to GMC when Obama was "elected". "Drove underground" under the guise of "BANKRUPTCY"

Now co-incidentally her we have this new and unusual new chain of dealerships called 'DRIVE TIME" who, from what reviews I've read, seem to be exhibiting the mafioso characteristics. Selling *** and draconianly intolerant of any deviation of the payment schedule they set forth.

Whether a domestic budget or a public is business and it all comes down to money. Bankers (where the money comes from) in our society have long been corrupt and always will be and would happily break it off in our *** as deep as they could, but for goodie two shoe politicians in office that blackmail them into only shoving it in so deep.

Moral to the story...Don Henley sung it best. "A man with a briefcase can steal more money than any man with a gun". The mafia ain't like they used to be. They have infiltrated the political arena to the extent that THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT.

Try to exist without money. YOU CAN'T!!!

Prepare to be screwed every which way you turn and like it....or else.

Obama is doing the bidding of the avant garde mofioso types. Does all the CRAM IT DOWN YOUR THROAT tactics make sense now? He's not an arrogant ***...he's the new mafias puppet and they're paying him good for it you can believe that my friends.

to Mcfee1965 Tampa, Florida, United States #659660

pay your bills ***


oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every pissed customer is so right to b upset ,,because ,,yes i ,,we agree they are a BIG,,BIG rip off,,,,,,,,,,we still have one of the cars,,(paying on it) and i/we will NEVER ,,NEVER ever purchase from them again,,,,,,,,,,,!!

if your thinking of going to them,,,,,,,,,,,,DON'T!!!! DON'T!!



In April of 2009 I like a lot of Americans needed some help to get into a dependable car so that I could continue being employed. I looked at a lot of cars to make sure that the one I chosen was just that, Drive Time showed me the car fax and it exhibited that the car had never been in an accident nor been used as a fleet or rental.

About a year the car started to have transmission problems so I contacted Drive time. Yes they offered to help if I could pay for half and then finance the balance. I declined. I called back a month or so later and asked if I could trade the car in, they replied that only if the balance was under $3,500.00, what?

This is not right, any car dealer would give you the trade in value at low wholesale book, why not Drive Time? I looked at the Kelly Blue Book Value and fair trade in value would have been around $6,500.00 at the time. So I took it to another Dealer and asked to trade it in. This is what I found out, the car was in an accident, it was used as a rental, it had little to no value, is this why Drive time will not trade in there own cars?

Now I’m stuck, over priced car, high interest, this appears to be fraud by representing an out dated car fax. The car was in this accident only a couple of months before I purchased it. No record of it changing hands other then Drive time.

I feel I got taken, Buyer Beware! I’m still paying for junk and will be for a long time!


Yup, my transmission went out a year after i had the car. The times i have been late i have explained to them.

They still call you every single day. The SUV was only 13000...but after "bank fees"...its 23000...its an fault i guess but, oh well.


I have a car from them and i know exactly what you are saying i have delt with them back to back to back they keep calling saying they need this so i fax it then they call the next day oh now i need it again and i just sent it to them none of them know how to answer something right i am just aggravated


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