We bought a 2005 Altima from drive time in august of 2010. we had no choice but to use a buy here pay here because of a problem we ran into a few months prior that burned our credit to the ground.

well, we decided to do drive time since they offered a warranty. we knew that buy here pay here never had the best cars but figured, hey a warranty! 2 months after we bought it the AC went out. thankfully it was covered except a hose that drive time said we didnt 'need' (but we did) so we paid 150.00 for that.

then the oil started to burn off, we would get an oil change a few days later, no oil. we took it in and they refused to work with us to get into a different car. meanwhile i am paying for the rental out of my pocket (oh side story on that. i called and the lady said we could pick up the rental on saturday since we had to be to work at 6 am on monday and the shop didnt open until 9 am when we called back they said there was no note of that and we had to pay out of pocket for the rental from saturday-tuesday) anyway, it was proven that the engine needed to be replaced but instead of replacing it they told us that we had to show receipts from oil changes for the last year, receipts!

we dont have those!

so they said they would not fix to repair the engine. i am currently getting info to sue the *** out of them.

Monetary Loss: $24.

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Customer, you're asking DriveTime to replace your engine, at no cost to you, correct? The same warranty that you're requesting the replacement under, allows for 3 FREE oil changes per year, for the first 3 years of your loan, at Sears.

It's not common for any vehicle, especially a Nissan, to need an engine replacement @ 6 years old. Therefore, it's not an unreasonable request for a lender to request proof that you've kept up routine maintenance prior to a major repair being needed.

Hicksville, New York, United States #337544

You are the *** you can not spell responsibility correctly. Also having losey credit does not give anyone the right to treat a person as such, and speaking of which I am almost positive that you are a paycheck from lousy credit if you work at Drivetime.

Remember what you do in this world will have to be answer to on YOUR judgement day and its about having morality above all else. This is written by someone who has been on both sides of the fence and please believe every dog has it's day and yours will come!!!


Who said they work at drivetime? I want to see this comment.


That is so rude for u to comment on this if u work at drive time, I was checking out the reviews on here to see how the company was and for you to comment saying *** that's not how u treat a customer even if they are wrong and it doesn't help your company either because now we get to see how you really are towards your customers.


To the guy above me SHUT THE *** UP

Drivetime is the worst scam. No matter how bad someone's credit is, you can't sell someone a lemon

Allenton, Michigan, United States #312749

Sue for what M_O_R_O_N ? Your lousy credit and lack of resposeability? :cry :cry :cry

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