So I went and bought a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer last year here at the Austin branch Drivetime, Needless to say I thought it was a great deal, and now what a *** I am, I paid 15,000 dollars for this Trailblazer with a 22.1 % interest rate so by time I pay this POS off in 02/2013, thats right it will be ten years old when I pay it off, I will end up paying 35,000.00 dollars for it, when in turn I will end up getting prolly a thousand dollars, maybe 500.00 dollars for it at trade in time, cause who wants to buy a ten year old truck with prolly 200,000 miles on it, cause It already has 97,000. So i have had a lot of mechanical issues with it, and I decided screw this i told them to come and get it, well being military, they see it on my credit app, call my CO and the CO threatens Captains Mast for not paying my bills, he understands all the mechanical issues I have with the Trailblazer but because we are military we gotta pay our bills, I talk to drivetime like ten times today, I finally made a payments, but I am so frustrated as the power window in the back door is broken and held by duct tape, the windshield wiper on the back glass doesnt work, the engine light is always coming on, so drivetime corporate says call the dealership where I bought it and see if they will trade you for another truck or car, oh guess what, Nope were sorry, your stuck with it, oh you can take it to Austin to our repair shop, and see if they can fix it for you for 180.00 dollars an hour, but it was a great truck when you bought it, so its your fault that its falling apart, Yea, well thanks Drivetime, I love that your taking me for 35 grand and that you will not fix this truck for me, i love the fact that i gotta drive around a truck with freaking duct tape holding my window up, all in all, don't ever buy from drivetime, they will stick it to you with interest, a Piece of s***(POS). I am glad i get to pay for this truck for the next 4 years...yay for me,

New saying Drivetime the go to guys for pieces of ***!!!


Monetary Loss: $35.

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People you would be better off going to a simple buy here pay here dealer.Drive time is not good at all, interest will eat your butt up.

Yes you will get free oil changes (three times a year) and a warranty, but WATCH it, you will still be paying out a lot of money, because they will try to say the problem is not warranty related. Please Drive time stop taking advantage of people with not so good credit, you guys can get better than what you are doing.

Taking advantage of people will not come to a good end for your company.God bless!!


Well as sorry as I am to hear your complaints I went through a divorce and have never had credit good or bad so not one car place would approve me.I had to *** the bullet and buy a car from drivetime and I took a cert mech to check out the car and got a good one.

I paid my payment on time in fact I was a month ahead. In paying on time I was able to get a loan from the bank 14 months later and paid it off. Yes I knew the cost was high but, I used them to establish credit and I did and now sit with a respectable 824 credit rating. Not everyone that buys from them have bad credit and if it were not for places like drivetime I would still be stuck.

I have taken great care of my car and its now 8 years old and both loans are paid for and I hold the title and it feels great!

They took care of any issue I had with the car and paid for all oil changes.I think that if you pay your bills on time with them they will help you more than if you don't.


So I bought a car with drive time.Great little neon, loved the car.

Had one problem with the car, wheel barrings fell out. So I was stopped at a light and the car would not go. So I got it towed to a mechanic and got it repaired rather inexpensively. So they say (drivetime) that they will roll a payment on to the back of the loan since I couldn't afford to fix the car and make a payment.

So I was like ok that's nice of them. Maybe all the things I read are wrong about them. Well...I should have stuck to what I read about them. So get all the paperwork from the mechanic and have it all faxed over and I think cool it's done.

Love my car it's running great. I take care of my car. I maintained it myself so now weird crazy parts falling off or breaking. Thanks dad for teaching me how to fix cars.

So about 6 months later I get a call from drive time so of course I call back. And some crazy rep from drivetime starts yelling at me that I am behind a payment and have like 100.00 in late fee's. And I'm thinking this has to be a joke I am never late ever. So she explains that the paperwork for the payment to be rolled to the back of the loan was never filed properly.

So I say...why didnt anyone call and tell me that? And she says well we don't do that. So what happens is because they didn't file the paper work in time like they said they would it expired and the payment was considered late. So they start tacking on late fee's.

So I...

Am I tell her your kidding right! So you can't call to say you missed a payment and you have a late fee, and every month I have not made the payment you add more fee's. So what it boils down to is since they didn't file my paperwork in time I got stuck with the extra late fee's. And they admitted it was their fault but they still made me pay for their mistake.

And they called and harassed me everyday at home on cell and at work even knowing it was their fault.Drivetime has the worst customer service people ever!

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I hate reading comments and all they say is that's what you get when you have bad credit, or go to school you won't get duped. Guess what. No just because you have bad credit doesn't mean they have the right to not fully check vehicles for problems. And who’s to say the reason for bad credit is even bad? I bought a house when I was 21! NOW I have a whole mortgage on my credit so I can't get loans because there is too much debt to income. Shame on me for not wanting to rent and invest in something.

Get smarter?? No, what happen to honesty. What happen to guilt and a conscience? This corporation is selling cars for WAY more than they are worth and for very high interest rates just because they can. Why take advantage of someone just because they have bad credit.

I have a 2006 Suzuki Forenza 53897 miles to start! At the time I was very desperate for a car so I got it. Transmission is faulty, AC has cracks in it, always making a ticking sound. I called AnnMarie today at DT warranty, and she tells me sorry we can't do anything for you until you lower what's owed to 3500. At this point I say well how much do I owe. OH and forgot to tell you guys my payment for this awesome car is 419.87!!! She says, 10607.67 WHAT?!?!?!?! AnnMarie I have been paying on this car for TWO YEARS!!! So yes I have paid 10076.88!!!!!! I have already paid for this car!!Now you’re telling me I have ANOTHER TWO years before I can even think of trading in this POS to get another...

Seriously this nation is full of greedy people that only look for more ways to make money, rather than be there and help their fellow man in whatever situation he may be in.

Conclusion to this soap box rant:

Drivetime is not the place to go! Save up a great down payment and try your hardest to get a new car, or at least be able to go to a better pre-owned dealer that actually does a full point inspection on ALL cars.

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:p yipes!Good thing I checked the number on here.

I called them back, I am approved, but they wouldn't tell me what kind of interest I would be paying ..

so thanks, but HELLS to the NO!

Thank you to all who post the complaints


I'm so sorry for u, but they really suck, they are the WORST and i hope they to bankruptcy


@ Vince: smh...the bottom line is that no matter what your credit looks like, etc. you shouldn't be ripped off...bottom line. Give me a break...




That's what you get when you have bad credit....


Oh, and how much of an *** do you have to be to put "POS" in parenthesis?

Did you think we couldn't figure it out?


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