The owners of the company should be charged with robbery 1st degree. They prey on people with poor credit.

They do offer nice cars but what you don't realize is that you are actually paying 3-4 times the actual worth of the car. It is ridiculous and they should be stopped. I currently have a car from them.

I am continuing to make payments only because I'm trying to rebuild my credit but it's so tempting to give the car back every time I see a car like my car for sale for less than half of what I owe after a year of payments. I'm disgusted because I allowed myself to be Bamboozled by these people.

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If you had good credit you wouldn't be there buying a car. You should be greatful that a company is willing to lose money financing a bad loan so your rat *** can have a car.


I have a great car with Drivetime. They were awesome to work with.

I knew the price of the car up front and had every right to say yes or no, no one broke my arm to buy. Yes I have horrible credit which I did to myself!! I was amazed that I could actually get a car because I went to like 7 places and everyone laughed me out the door. Oh and Kia did tell me I could get a car, then two weeks later they called me back to TAKE THE CAR BACK!!

My friend told me about Drivetime and I was so relieved. I have a 3 year warranty, free oil changes at Sears and free tow truck service (which I haven't needed thank you). Yes I do make my payments on time because I learned and am rebuilding every month.

I love my car don't worry about the car because of my great warranty. I would totally recommend them to anyone!!!!


I myself had my credit messed up during a divorce but I blame myself as well as her but you got to shop around, and you got to understand its not them that gave you bad credit plus high risk credit people get charged more intrest because you are high risk, always shop around, let them know what you are looking for and the price you are willing to pay, if they cant meet that demand then just walk away, ive done that and they called me 30 minutes later and price dropped from 13,000 to 10,900- you got to play hard ball just like them and dont act interested or excited around them they feed off that...


They charge extra for the car because people like you don't pay their bills and they know that. You are a HIGH RISK customer who can't be financed anywhere else.

They know that.

They are a business trying to make sure they make money on a customer who they know will eventually default. Its not their fault you have bad credit and I'm sure they didn't put a gun to your head and make you buy a car.


thats not a nice way to talk to smeone everyone has the ryt to express how they feel


A. Do your research before buying a car.

B. Save money and buy a car outright.

Did you really think they were going to sell you a car a book valuew and let you pay on it and not charge you anything?

You aren't very bright.


You are a ***

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