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We apologize that you are unhappy with DriveTime. Because DriveTime specializes in selling vehicles to customers with less than perfect credit so the price and interest are higher than traditional dealerships. If a customer’s payment is past due, DriveTime Loan Advisors will attempt to contact our customer. It is never DriveTimes intention to harass our customers, but to work with them in getting their account back on track. The Better Business Bureau is not a Government Agency and does not have any authority to shut down any business. If you would like to discuss this matter further please contact the Customer Relations Department at 888-290-0148.

J.P. Customer Relations

Drive Time is fraud and ripoff!!!

I bought my 2002 stratus for $23,000 in 2005.

Buy the time i realized that the car was only worth less that 5,000 it was too late. My monthly payments are $400 sometimes $600 a month. Sometimes i cannot afford the payments but drive time will not refinance or lower my monthly payments. When I'm saving money to pay,they harrass my friends, family, coworkers and some poor person whosephone i used to call them with.

The list can go on for the next 2,000 words. so i'll end here.My Beloved Americans, PLEASE BEWARE OF DRIVE TIME FRAUD AND RIPOFFS!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #664184

My husband and I started off with college debt when we got married. We were trying to find employment in our fields and Drive Time was the only place that would even consider selling us a vehicle.

We are now on our 3rd vehicle with this company. I love their new warranties. We did have an issue with 2 of our vehicles, but the 2nd vehicle was under warranty and was repaired immediately. I do not have any issues with them at all.

We bought a car in cash from a used car place recently for our son and it has been in the shop more often than it has been in our driveway. You get what you pay for and for those who complain about payments or refinances, perhaps you should evaluate all details before signing, just a common sense suggestion...


Bought a Toyota Siena from them last month..Became Deathly ill right after I bought it. Could not figure out why I sudenly became ill...Then the rains came..and The moldy smell apeard..I had the car and myself tested.

Turns out they missed the mold on there 100 point inspection. The infection has cost me my hearing, Turns out Siennas have a mold problem...Could not figure out why it was the only car garaged at the facility in temple...Now I know. I have retained concil and I am now suing Drive Time for Criminal Negligence, I have lost my Hearing, I have a severe Fungal infection thet CDC has tied direct association of the mold and fungus in the vents to my illness. Drive time will not return my calls.

Thats fine the law is involved now.

If I die, My wife will own drivetime...Its time they pay for the inhumane justice.. God says it is a mortal sin to prey on the meak and poor...I am going to see to it that they pay for ther crimes.


Drive Time is hard!! They make your feel like they stand behind their vehicles when you are deciding to buy the vehicle.

I wish I had of followed my first mind and purchase my vehicle with Honda.

Big mistake Drive Time. :cry From a chart of 10 to 1 - I will give them a 3.


I bought a car from them back in 2009. I have had to do minor repairs but all in all it has done it's job. I also had a low Credit Score and needed a car. I have never been late and have automatic withdraws from my account. I would say that different branches might not all have the same customer representatives. I also would like to refinance my car and then put the money back towards paying it off. My questions to you all that have tried to refinance is, did you try and refinance after missing a couple of payments? Does it not matter if you changed jobs or state?

Any information that you're will to share would be great.



if anyone is in fla and cares to file a suit please contact me asap iam in st pete fla and need a lawyer to help me out also


I too purchase a car from drive time a reget it big time in one week I had to be towed three times. I have spent close to a 1000 in car repairs and my payment is also 400 a month 600 when I have a 3 paycheck month. They are rude, never tell the same story twice and god forbid you are even a day late, cause they call everyone you know and some you don't...Bad credit can happen to anyone and unfortuanetly it reallys sucks when it happens to you...


the franking credit auditor havent a clue whats real because if he did you would hear the real complaint made drive time needs to be blown off the map and him along with it go to he//


you are so right drivetime is a fraud charging more than the

car is worth i am paying twice the amount for a pt crusier its such a shame the law doesnt protect its people from *** like drive time


I have read all 38 of these complaints, I am trying to make a decision on using DT, none of you have helped because the majority of the problems are stemming from you the individual, you all are still having "paying your bill issues on time" and expect for a company that are delaing with high interest rates to care about you as the individual, maybe in the Twilight Zone but you were not ready for a new car, plus who the *** has ever heard of a USED CAR DEALER/ taking care of mechanical issues. If it is a true Lemon a lawyer will be glad to help or your state Attorney General, We have to take responsibility for our initial BAD CREDIT, Deal with it until it can get better, someone mentioned they took out cash advances well DUH that is *** everyone expects a company to work with you when YOU get behind, this is the real world, a company is not your Friend,Parent,Brother Sister or any relative it is a BUSINESS.

I have a friend who used DT, about 12 months ago, they worked with her on the Down Payment, plus she was already aware of the high payments coming due to her credit status. That is not rip off it is what will be until WE get ourselves together, I agree with the other responsee, It is our mess DEAL WITH IT quite licking your wounds and let it heal. One more thing, I don't think you all are telling the whole story anyway how in the H**LL, does a payment go up 200 each month then go down unless you are paying them late. If you are going to scandalize a coompany and they are tryuly doing you wrong, why have you not stated you have contacted the proper channels to handle these practices.

Remember the word for the Day "State Attorney General" That is if you are telling the whole truth on here. I still have not made up my mind, and lastly stop living life desperately learn to wait sometimes.

Osnabruck, Niedersachsen, Germany #63533

Anyone searching to buy a car would be a fool to go to DRIVE TIME regardless of your credit. However hard you may feel it is to purchase from a large dealer the aftermath of the *** being released on those lots are not worth it.

Their own workers are not not purchasing from them. I have had my 18 months and the total repairs a total more than what I have paid into the car. I took the car back just 2 months after I purchased it with a need for a FULL FUEL SYSTEM REPAIR and was told that is not something covered in the warranty just weeks later the the water pump goes, again not covered in the warranty, when i asked for a copy of what was covered in the warrant and how my car rated I was told that I had to fax in a letter and the only way I could receive a response was to have it faxed back. I have sent 2 faxes over 9 months ago and have not received a response yet.

Here it is less than 2 year after I get the car from them I am in need of a motor 1700 my hardship is no concern of the company that set me up with a death trap as long as they get my 197 every 2 weeks they could care less about how I get it. I will scream it from the roof of the modernized junk hard they call a sales yard STAY AWAY FROM THESE CARS YOU WILL BE BETTER OFF IN THE LONG RUN TRUST


I agree, DT is some hot garbage. I was *** enough to get sucked into gettin a car from there.

My credit was bad and I wanted a new car. They raped me and I didnt realize it until it was too late. When I am late on a payment they call my friends and family..they have even called my neighbor and I dont even know her! I hate DT with a passion..makes me just wanna set the car on fire which I have threatened to do when their nasty collectors call and talk stuff to me.

I'm usually behind on my payments b/c its hard to keep up but I dont care..I am in Illinois..they would have to hire someone to come take my car and bring it to them..wld be costly for them cuz lord knows I aint payin for it!! Oh well..


I have a loan with Drive time and they are bad. My car has broke done more then 4 times and I have had to put a couple thousand into the car.

When I spoke with them to let them know I was going to be late because of car repairs in the amount of 650.00. The guy asked why are using another mechanic wants wrong with the car. I told him what was wrong with the car and he said to me thats not true it should not cost that much. If you want to keep your car you need to fax over the recipt for the work.

I was only 7 days late.

It makes me feel like I am some piece of ***. :cry :cry


why are you blaming drive time because of your stupidity?


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