drive time collection division is the most harasssing threatening and rude group of people i have ever encountered.

for over a month i have received harassing phone calls and nasty voicemails on my home phone from drive time looking for a woman who lived at my address at some past time.

in 3 days i had 21 nasty voicemails from a guy there when i called the number for the 6th time to let them know that person does not live at this address and to stop calling and leaving the nasty messages the guy told me he will call whenever he likes and leave whatever messages he wants. i then demanded to speak with his supervisor, to which he told me his supervisor will tell me the same thing after an hr on the phone with eric a supervisor i was assured the calls would stop . wrong in the last 2 days they have called from morning to night clogging up my voicemail . at 9:30 last night they called again so i called back not able to reach the rude woman leaving the last vmail message i spoke to a nice person who did try to see that the calls would stop . at 2:15 this afternoon they started calling again.

i understand the need to collect a debt , but when you can see a phones listing and tell the name as well as being told repeatedly that person does not live at your address to get a reply of we get lied to all of the time. i do not care i am under the impression that once someone asks you not call them that a bill collector/ creditor is to immediately cease calling .

i have lived at this address for 15 months and feel that anyone considering purchasing a vehicle from this company to think twice about their policies because if they harass a party having nothing to do with their proccess i believe they are likely to have an overall poor customer relations policy accross the board.

this is harassement and i will be contacting the state of texas consumer collections division reporting to them as well.

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I have never been late on a carpayment, and I received a call today, and it was just awful. The lady evidently didnt understand about financial difficulities.

She started asking questions, that was none of her concern. They have very high interest rates, and it's awful.

There is such a thing, as Good Customer Service, how to talk properly to people, and try to work with people. Don't try to down grade people, and put them down, because other peoples situation may be worse than yours.


File a complaint with the FCC because they will not stop.

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