I am writing because on April 9, 2008, I took a drug overdose and died for a few minutes. The collection team at Drive Time constantly called and harrassed me for payments even after I paid for 3-1/2 years on both of our cars. When it was time to get the car title this dishonest company attached $4,000 to one car and another $4,000 to the Ford.

As a result of my inability to pay any additional payments, Dave Ballard of the recovery team in Phoenix, AZ threatened to repossess both cars which were paid in full. We paid $19,000 on one vehicle and $15,000 on the other to date.

I was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit and now have a hospital bill due in the amount of $10,000. The stress from these people was just too much for me to handle. I looked at my credit report and both of the vehicles have been "Charged Off" and are in repossession status.

I also want to mention that my Automobile Contract was signed with "Drive Time Credit Corporation" and since April 2008, suddenly the bills are coming in the name of "Ugly Duckling Corporation "which went bankrupt more than 4 years ago. It sounds like fraud has taken place with this company, perhaps they are going bankrupt again from cheating the customers.

I need help from any unhappy customers of Drive Time to start a class action lawsuit against these people. If you would like to jump on the band wagon to put this firm out of business please file a complaint with the State Attorney General and your Better Business Bureau where you live.


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Drivetime and Ugly Duckiling are the same company. Ugly Duckling did not go bankrupt. They changed their name because of the bad stigma the name Ugly Duckling had.


I Feel your pain. They take advantage of people.

Places like this need to be placed under investigation for some of thier tactics. Someone should call the attorney generals office.


I guess you need more pills? :x



You signed their contract didn't you ? Do you sign legal documents without reading them ?

Buried deep in their contract, it states that there is a balloon payment due at the end.

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