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Thank you for your feedback. We at DriveTime agree that our customers be completely informed about what they are committing themselves to before they sign a contract with DriveTime. DriveTime’s financing is not for everyone and we recommend that any perspective customers do their research before they decide to purchase a vehicle from DriveTime.

J.P. Customer Relations

I am reading all of these reviews on Drivetime Car Lots and the problems and people.........IT'S FOR PEOPLE WITH BAD OR NO CREDIT! They will smile until they get your business and then treat you like a parasite after.

I mean you have to know that going in. The interest rates are way above normal, the prices of the cars are way higher than they are actually worth and most of them are liabilities. But listen, if you do business with a company like that, be prepared and don't whine about it afterwards. Here is what you do, go in, choose a car, go home after you get the mileage, make and model and year and see how much it's worth.

Then go back to the dealership and when it comes time to go over numbers, concentrate on the cost of the vehicle first and when financing comes up.........Do not accept a rate higher than 21.9% which is usually industry standard for those with bad credit. If you do you are a fool because many other small lots will put you into a better car for that rate and not charge you out the ***.

Do your homework people and educated yourself. Stop acting like a victim and take actions that keep crappy bizness practicioners like this from operating.

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Yea i had a dt sells rep call me they are out of the mind..they are just another car mart tryen to get rich off us poor people..dt u can take ur lemons and shove them so far up ur *** and u drive them u should be *** down...kiss my *** and call me frank.. I bet ur mom aint driving nothong from ur lot... I will rather take my chances with a crackhead...


Drive time is a peice of garbage for a company!!! They car they sold me has so much problems.

it hasnt been a full year, which i just used to comute to work, I just had to pay 700 worth of work on it, now come to find out it needs more work! They sold my car to dirtyyyy!!!! with no gas!!! their price is wayyy too hight!

what you pay for a new car, thats what your paying for drive time! and very very hight mileage!!!! They are a ripe off. DONT NOT GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



A car is a piece of machinery. No one knows the real history of where the car has been or what it has been though.

I've heard thousands of people say that DT has given them a chance.

Also, I've seen thousands of people not make their payment to DT. Ultimately any used car dealer is faced with possibly having car issues.


Good credit or bad credit the car at DT are lemons. I almost killed myself as well as another driver due to the faulty brake system.

They try to hold people in the cars for thirty days or the first payment. At that point the car belong to you with all the problems, They should be shut down before they cause someone to get seriously hurt or killed. I gave them back there lemon and will be filling a report with the BBB.

They need to be closed down for good and held liable for the stress they have caused millions of people. MY CHILDREN COULD HAVE BEEN IN THAT CAR.

Tallassee, Alabama, United States #434218

I went to a dealership and have horrible credit. I got an okay interest rate on a 2007 Ford Escape in excellent shape.

I'm paying 350.00 a month. Drive Time wanted to put me in a 1999 Mazda Protege for 400.00 a month.

Yeah, no thanks. James, you must either be lucky or be an employee of Drive Time.


I had my appt at DT yesterday and they were very nice. My question is how do I respond when the price of the car is way more than the KBB?

Do I talk them down? They are giving me a good trade in value of the car I was given 5yrs ago, monthly payments are in my budget, but the car that I want is out of my down payment scale because their asking price is way over the KBB


Wow James you are the only good review I have found..You are lucky...clearly.


Sorry James Martin but you must be a employee because I've sold cars in "regular" dealerships and I've gotten folks in cars with bad credit.My terms were a lot better than DT's. I used to work for DT but when I started seeing all the shady behavior behind getting these folks into cars I couldn't deal with it anymore.

You are going to find shady people in every sales environment but the stuff that I was asked to do and didn't do is regular practice at this sorry company. I was in the auto biz for 15 years and I've seen some shady tactics being used but never on the level of DT.


I can tell you that they have treated me very well and better than any of the "big used super stores" As for the interest rate the person above is crying about, we are shopping at DT due to the fact that we have less than avg credit! Give em a try, we loved them, never a minutes problem with any of the 3 cars we have purchased from DT. Good Luck!


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