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Kure Beach, North Carolina

So About a month ago my husband and I walked outside to find that our car had been smashed into a wall and no note had been left at the scene. My husband is AGR for the National Guard and had just been activated to deploy to IRAQ in September.

Well since we desperately needed a car and I have no credit and he has bad credit the only place we could get approved for a loan was DRIVE TIME. We went in and our agent was very nice and helpful BUT they're services all together has been terrible.

First when we were putting in the application they said we weren't eligible for the military clause for the loan because we are National Guard. When on their website they advertise any branch and status of the military can get the promotion.

Second someone had stolen our bank card and put us in so much overdraft I would never be able to afford to pay our bills. We got financial assistance from the National Guard and they sent a check out to drive time for our first two payments (bi-monthly) for 434.02 . I called the entire week it was due to see if they'd received it and was told no. I also explained the situation and asked what the repercussions would be. I was told there wouldn't be any because of the situation. The day after it was due I got a call saying I must return the car so I went up the DRIVE TIME to re-explain the situation and get things figured out. Also explaining that I could afford to make a payment myself what with my husband deploying. They made me pay $196 or they would take the car.

Third We have a limited warranty on the vehicle and the radiator van was turning off when I drived with the AC on on day 20 of me having the car. I went to go get it fixed through a drive time approved mechanic and was told my claim was denied because it wasn't a covered part. The entire assembly had to be replaced. I called drive time to let them know the whole situation and that I'd only had the car by that time 30 days. They re-ran my claim, taking 8 hours when I was told only 2, and said they'd pay for the part but not the labor or service charge. So they'd pay for a $100 part and leave me to pay another $200 to the mechanic.

They are using and abusing people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Drivetime Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $22000.

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Now I'm glad drive time never called me back after 2 very long so called promising interviews, I'd hate to work for such a shoddy company. Did anyone know that drive time use to be Ugly Duckling? They were to worst buy here, pay here company in history.


Drivetime is the absolute last place that I would recommend to anyone. They are all about getting their money.

They will sell you a piece of junk and give you a limited warranty. I had the same problem. My motor went out in my vehicle and they expected me to pay for repairs and a car note.

I had only had the vehicle for about 6 months. DRIVETIME is just money hungry.


This the norm with this company. The advertisement is that this Amercan based company is providing a 2nd chance and turning no to go for Americans

...ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm NO!!!!

They turn no into go alright...and then repossess your "go" before they can even hit you with the late fee (9 DAY REPO!!! Who does that???). Then they turn around and return the car like they were doing me a favor, instead of just admitting that their employees used their company to "show someone who's boss". Then they allow company muscle they call employees to physically and verbally threaten you and then laugh at the fact that calling their "Corporate" customer service number is a joke because they know it's going to come back to them to resolve their way anyway (Manager actually chuckled)...and you know what?? they're absolutely right.

They (knowingly) sell POS cars and just *** overall. I tell EVERYONE I can not to deal with them. Dealing with Drivetime will leave you feeling absolutely raped, especially since you'll be paying for the car for the rest of your life. TIP: If they offer to "unwind" your loan; make sure you make the greedy bastards give you back a pro-rated down payment; they won't mention it unless you do. Also, what Drivetime doesn't tell you is that even though you have driven off of the lot in your new car, your loan has not been approved with finality until 6 months after the purchase of your car. This was not brought to my attention until after all the bullsh*t...just stay away from them. They are disgusting criminals!!! They are predatory in nature...just like the mortgage companies. They told me there appeared to be an affordibility issue. Hmmmm, that's funny; your underwriters approved the loan, so maybe there's a training issue - my status is the same. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!!!!!! :x :( :upset :sigh :eek :cry


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