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We apologize that you experienced mechanical issues with your vehicle. DriveTime does inspect and recondition all of our vehicles before sale and includes a complimentary AutoCheck History report on all vehicles. Unfortunately, with a used vehicle there is no way to predict the future reliability of a vehicle. DriveTime offers a Vehicle protection Plans which covers many repairs. In the event that a repair is not covered, DriveTime can sometimes offer assistance towards customer’s car payments for out of pocket expenses. If you require further assistance please contact the Customer Relations Department at 888-290-0148.

J.P. Customer Relations
Globe, Arizona

I too bought a vehicle from drive time. Yes, I knew the intrest rate was high.

I knew the carfax report was a bunch of bull. I purchased a vehicle not built by the big three (ford,chevy,dodge). I am a certified mechanic and do all my own repairs. I did my own research on the vehicle after I purchased it.

I found out it had been in two accidents. It needed an alignment because when repairs were done they didn't do it. The tone ring for the right front wheel ABS sensor was also not replaced. I have since found another vehicle with a bad engine and will be swapping them.

Then drive time can have it back. My credit sucks because of them so what does it matter if they repo it at this point.

All loves and hugs to drive time you get it in the end on this one. Yes, I'm still making my payments till the engine swap.

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i purchased a 2006 galant from drivetime in 2008, when i drive off the lot the check engine light came on, went back and forth trying to get issue resolved never did. every other month after that that piece of *** was in the shop!!!

i finally got tired of being *** around by them that i voluntarily took the car back to them in December 2009, i go today July 2012 and am told i have a voluntary repossession from drive time as of may 2012!!

makes no sense what so ever!!! i'm so ready to go after this company full force!

to ***ed off Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #605582

I cant see how this company is in business!!! Something should be done!!!!

Jablonec Nad Jizerou, Liberecky Kraj, Czech Republic #422646

did anyone report these matters,im in a situation with them and i need all the help i can get...:upset


I am very upset right now.I purchesed a 2006 PT Cruiser from Drive Time on March 2011.The car have been giving me problems from day one.I went back five days later and ask if I could return this car for something else and the lady told mr no. She said that I only had three days to return the car.

I was telling her the problems I had notice about the car but shr didn't care.Well now my car have been garaged four times and it is still not fixed. The last time it costed me 17,00.00 out of my pocket because warrenty would not cover it. I had to rent a car each time that my car was garaged and warrenty did not cover that. I have paid out almost 3,000.00 for rental.

Warrenty is a lot of Bull.All of my dash lights will come on and then my car will shut down driving along the highway.Now warrenty want me to garage my car again. I don't think so.How many times do I have to garage this car before they they make things right for me. I am still paying for this car can't really go any where in it. Drive Time is going to get whats coming to them.

They are very smart when talking to you.

I am ready to get this matter resolved. I can be reached at SVNWQ


to correct information about *** ***** from a former Drivetime employee. He did not serve any federal prison time he received 3 years probation for his bad choice he made in his life. So before you write a bad rant I would suggest you do some research to get the facts correct before write about somebody


I was a sales manager at DriveTime at several of their locations in San Antonio. They knowingly sell cars with serious and safety issues.

The sales people in New Braunfels would clear check engine light codes just to be able to sell their cars. They prey on people. I worked at carmax prior to there and i was approached by a regional manager and asked to contact sales people at carmax to get their customers info. this is the sleaziest company to work for and buy a car from.

just look at their CEO *** *****. he served time in prison for securities fraud and squealed on charles keating to save himself as did the owners of drivetime.


First of all their warranty is ***. Mine was five months, and as soon as the warranty expired thing after thing went wrong.

Its is broke down currently and I am paying 200 dollars every other week for a car I cant drive. As for the 36000 mile part, the car had 70000 when i bought it so that doesnt do me much good. I hate drive time and their customer service reps are rude crude invasive unhelpful and arrogant. My 1990 honda runs better than the 2006 taurus I bought.

I bought the car in abind but everyone please please dont buy from them their prices are inflated - my car is worth three i paid 12000 plus 26 percent interest i will end up paying 25000 when all is said and done.

Its not worth it. Im trying to find a way to get rid of the car and not have a rep on my credit!


So drivetime winner what did you do? How did you win?


Has anyone else considered going against DT for selling them a lemon?

I am going to voluntarily return my car this week.

It's been broken down every other month for the past year and a half. I finally gave up and got another car, and now that I have reliable transportation, I am getting rid of the lemon.

I've paid probably two or three times what the car is worth and my payoff is over $8,000. F-ing ridiculous!


DT Customer, I got a whopping 3 month warranty with my 2004 Chevy Impala, but I won in the end because I gave the car back and a civil lawsuit wiped away my balance. I wish I'd just kept the car now that I know how easy it is to win a lawsuit against this company. Drivetime is the worst in the industry and always will be, although I hope the demise comes very soon.


I agree, Mr. "DriveTime Customer" does probably work for them.

"Carl", a finance department manager was so f#*cking rude to my wife on the phone that she was literally crying.

If DriveTime doesnt want to "hurt people" as he claims, why the need to be so rude? ***, even DriveTime Customer's response is so typical of the smug, better-than-thou attitude that permeates the entire organization.


First of all Mr. DriveTime Customer you can just *** Off somewhere you probably work for the DouchBags because you know as well as I that they not going to live up that buy back option nor that warranty you know you is full of Sh*t.

They won't come pick up the car you will have to take it back to them that's what I had to do because I bought that car in Feb of 08 it broke down in October of 08 and that is when I stopped making the payments and we finally took it back to the dealer in March because they still had not come to get the car and did a voluntary repo.

What they really want is their money they really don't want the car they will call every day threatening to come get the car but won't.

Now it is the middle of 2010 and they call me today telling me I owe them 10,722.53 a year and a half later saying they are from they "bank" that financed the loan and that they want their balance.

I told them they will never see a dime from me and that he can put it on my credit. I checked it 6 months ago it wasn't on there just the voluntary repo and he told me he wont put it on there and they just want their money.

I was told by my uncle long time ago that works in insurance. When the bank finance a car they get insurance on the loan and when the car goes back the bank get paid by the insurance company so when they call asking for their balance they are really trying to get paid twice and we have no obligation to pay their "so called" balances.


First of all, DriveTime does not pull CarFax reports, they offer Experian Reports on all their vehicles. Experian is by far, a much more thorough report than CarFax.

Also, just in case "Backdoor" did not read his/her copy of the Experian Report given to him/her at the time of purchase, the last page of the report explains what is called the BuyBack option where if the consumer finds that there has been damage on the vehicle and not listed on the report, the consumer can contact Experian and opt for the the BuyBack option.

As you know, DriveTime is a "used" car dealership and yet offers an outstanding 36 month/36,000 mile warranty on every car they sell. Try finding that offer with any other used car dealership.

DriveTime strives to help people with bad credit rebuild their credit and it is a shame that anyone would think they are getting over on the business by returning the vehicle. You are just ruining your own credit further by having a repo listed on it. What a joke!!

DriveTime is the largest in the industry with new dealerships going up in new areas of the country. They also sell some 50,000 cars a year. They are in business to help people, not hurt them. That is why DriveTime is #1 in the industry.


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