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Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and allowing us to address your concerns. As a valued customer, we greatly appreciate your business and are truly sorry for any inconvenience or confusion. The experience you described does not align with our standard of doing business. Please contact customer service at 888-290-0148 and we will work to get this issue resolved.

Thank you,
Roxanne, DriveTime Customer Relations

I pusrchased a car from here on 2/6/12 and on 2/10/2012 my engine light came on. By the time I made it to the Mechanic shop that drive time referred me to the engine light went off but I let them check it anyway.

There were 13 other DRIVE TIME customers there at that time. The mechanic said that it was my thermostat and that I needed a new computer system. I advised them I would bring the car back that Monday. " There was no way they would be able to do anything with 13 other DRIVE TIME customers there".

I took my car back 2/14/2012 and on today 2/18/2012 they still have not started working on it. Customer service and the corporate department was very rude. Once they get your money and signature on the contract the customer service turns 360 for the worst. I never take the time out to complain on any company but this has been the worst experience with a car dealer by far.

I will be contacting 39News Fix and the BBB. Somthing has to be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE GO ANYWHERE ELSE BUT DRIVE TIME TO BUY A CAR NO MATTER HOW BAD YOUR CREDIT IS. THIS IS A TOTAL RIP OFF.


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Vehicles are machines... mechanical machines..

They break down. I too bought a vehicle from DT and my credit sucks... I understand my situation and I could have bought a car at a lower price from Joe Blow auto sales "AS IS" and drive off the lot and need a new computer and be screwed. But Drivetime gave me a warranty and I had my check engine light come on and they took care of it and even got me a rental after the car was diagnosed.

I think if people were more patient and realized you just need to go through the process and stop complaining and panicking things would go much smoother for you. Was it a headache?

yes but it got taken care of... just my .02.

Jablonec Nad Jizerou, Liberecky Kraj, Czech Republic #444124

one more comment...and hopefully the customers with problems will respond...i dont think everyone having problems can say the same thing im in a totally different state and dont no anyone on this site and im going through similar problems like them so i no there facts are true...

Jablonec Nad Jizerou, Liberecky Kraj, Czech Republic #444121

and for the customers that havent had any issues with drivetime im shocked :eek

Jablonec Nad Jizerou, Liberecky Kraj, Czech Republic #444120

:( Drivetime is a rip-off,i got my car in august that night check enegine light came on,later bubbling noise under the hood then burning smells...ive took the car to the mechanic shop almost more than i have had it...i think something needs to be done so they want keep screwing people this is a shame that based on your credit score you have to be tmistreated,i no they go through albritation but if enough of us can stand together we may be able to get something done about our credit scores being effected and paying for junk!!!


I disagree with all the comments... this company works very hard with customer.

It helps build rebuild credit-provides "USED" vehicles - again "USED" vehicles NOT new USED that's why they come with warranty. I had to go through the process to get my vehicle fixed it took a while but it was worth it to me. Being a single mother - they worked with me.

I am grateful for them helping me. Don't believe all you read - sometime not all the FACTS are revealed at TIMES :p


Oh man thank you for putting this online. I only have a 511 credit score but I work two jobs and can definately afford pymts, even that high.

But now you have saved me such a headache and more than likely a HEARTache.

Hopefully a dealership will work with me. I just don't want to have a cosigner.


I really need another car badly" but, from what the last guy said; when he said please...... go somewhere else, you don't have to settle for people treating you so poorly.

13 people were at the auto repair shop when he went to get his less then 2 week old car repaired.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to worn us, and I'm so sorry you were treated that way after you spent your money and it is so difficult to come by now a days!! It seems like people take their headachs in to DriveTime to get relief and buy someone elses nightmare vehicle.

Tallassee, Alabama, United States #434219

Next time, go to a reputable dealership. Most of them will work with people with bad credit.

They did for me. DT wanted to put me in a POS 1999 car for 400.00 a month.

The dealership got me in a 2007 Ford Escape in really good shape for 350.00. My credit sucks!


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