Well like everyone else I saw a commercial about drive time and low down payment so I submitted my app and I was approved went to drive time and they had nice cars but man I was shocked at the prices for example 2003 mazda protege with about 130,000 miles on it 12 thousand dollars and they wanted a down payment as high as 4 thousand they had nothing under 3 thousand down and nothing newer than 05 home of the low down payment I dont think so what a freakin joke dont fall into this scam ok.i

Monetary Loss: $12.


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@Lala0412 give it time you will see.I guess you have made your first payment so you are stuck in the deal.

my bank even stated that they are have a lot pf people filing complaints with them about drive time.

I guess you were lucky.One in a million.



I too had the same experience because they base your payment on income... You probably are in the same situation as me and make 1200 a month thats why your down payment is so high. I added my to the loan as a co-buyer and our down payment went from 4000 for *** to 500 for nice cars...


I really want to know what drivetime you went to.....I was able to get a 2008 Impala with $1000 down payment.I havent had any problems with my car or with customer service.

In MY opinion drivetime lived up to what they advertised.

Im sorry you and everyone else who lodged a complaint had a bad experience.:(

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