Dont buy from drive time. I bought a 2006 Equinox from them in Aug, 11.

I went to them because my husband left me with a lot of debt, which I paid off...but still had a lower than average rating. This car has been one problem after another. Day after I bought it, the air went out. they did fix it but I lost 3 days of work taking it to their mechanic and getting it approved and all.

Then the next 3 months I spent trying to get the car's starting problem fixed, plus $200 at different places who could find nothing wrong. Finally found out what it was-not the fuel pump (which drive time said they would replace) but the switch which they would not pay for. Then I had to replace the key for 50. Now the heat won't work $880 to fix it and drive time won't pay for it.

I complained and they agreed to pay 1/2 within 15 days (of course, right at Christmas when I don't have the money) they would not agree to defer my Jan payment until after I paid the 1/2 and then maybe or maybe not whether they would defer the payment.

I am so sick of this car and drive time...you pay so much for interest (my husband's fault, not theirs) and the cars are way over priced...the warrenty *** they provide is just that...***. buyer be ware.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I am sure glad I looked at this site before going to drive time for a good car, like all of you I had hard times fall on me, I once had a good job with good credit, now I am trying to rebuild my credit, glad I did not go to drive time.


There must be something legal one can do about drivetime. It appears that they are totally criminal in their actions.


I completely understand this! I got a car from them this last year and in three months I was paying for a power steering pump that had the wrong fluids put in them which they said was my fault but that's not something you have to fill with in three months.

Then my FOB key broke and paid $250 for that. Now my car is not starting...not good when you have two small children in the middle of winter. They are rude when you call and warranty is a bunch of ***!!! and yea all they will do is "defer a payment".

Very frustrating!!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!

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