So I'm so heated I got a car from Drivetime last year and within 3 months my car started messing up the AC went out and the wires underneath the dash board were burning so my car smelt like something was on fire and when I would turn on the engine my car would knock. When I called Drivetime to complain they told me I had to take it their approved body shop and told me I had to pay $50 for a diagnostic.

I took and paid the money then the technician tells me that the AC had gone out and the main part they needed Drivetime didn't want to pay for that they would pay two of the parts but without the main part my car would still be knocking and it would be useless to put the parts. Anyways after me calling and complaining because I pay 396 a month for a car that is already messing up they finally agreed to pay for the part. So I take my car in and I have to get a rental and pay for the rental. My car WA in the shop almost a week, but the technician tells me they hadn't received the part they needed so he tells me ill fix the AC as good as he could and when the part came in he would call me.

Well its been 2 mths I call Drivetime to ask about the part and the customer Rep tells me the technician was going to receive the part we've been waiting for today 10/25/12 but that I would have to take my car in and get a rental but I would have to rental out of my pocket for the rental so I asked why they weren't going to take care of the rental if my car is still messed up and now the engine light is coming on including the air bags and the tire monitor signal and the rep tells me Drivetime has gone away with providing the rentals now customers have to pay out of pocket and then we have to send the copy of the rental amount so they can reimburse the customers. How do they expect tfor customers to pay their payments and still have to pay $50 everytime we need to get a diagnostic cuz they don't reimburse that money, and now pay for rentals.

Bottom line is I will never go to Drivetime again and I don't recommended it to anyone their commercials look so good and they're right they approve anyone but their cars aren't worth it. Income tax will be coming soon and alot of u will be looking for a vehicle believe don't make the same mistake I did.

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