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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for any miscommunications or misunderstandings in regard to your payment schedule or our financing procedures. We would like the chance to address your concerns, however with the information you have provided we are unable to access your account. Please contact us at your earliest convenience, 888-290-0148.

Roxanne, DriveTime Customer Relations

Me and my wife went to Drive and got a certain car from there because she wanted that certain car. Ticket price 9990.00 after interest 24500.00 with a 2500.00 down payment 6 months later check engine light came on.

Took it to drive time tech location. They could not figure out why. And they wanted another 150 to look at again the same day. Well long story short the car broke down.

And they say they can not do anything about it.

However they still wasn't money from us. Don't go to drive time They sell lemons and have bad customer service

Monetary Loss: $9990.

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Just bought a vehicle from DT a week ago. The salesman touted how, "I ONLY buy cars that are perfect, in wonderful working order!

And only from dry states. No coast cars here!" He talked all the while that we were test driving with the radio on and windows up. We didn't hear the brakes squeaking until late that night when we got home (didn't roll down the windows during test drive because it was a cold winter afternoon). Next day, we called them to tell them the problem and they said, "sorry, our wonderful 3yr/36K mile warranty doesn't cover that".

Too sad (basically). I realize that I don't have perfect credit (because of unforseen circumstances) and that I was going to have to pay more but DOUBLE the Blue Book value?! I really don't have a choice in paying it (which I will pay off early) but because of my credit history, I shouldn't be ripped off. Luckily our state has Lemon Law that covers the first 15 days according to the Atty.

General's office here. They are going to pay one way or another.


I bought a car june 2009 have 9 payments to go before its mine been a very good car no problems at all with the car or Drivetime always paid two months ahead never late looking to buy a lincoln town car very happy customer..BTW just take care of your car oil brakes belts no problem..


I read some complaints and I must say I had the opposite experience. They were pleasant, great sales people and I got the car I wanted for a great price.

They did try to give me something else with a lot of miles,but I told them no. I'm happy with my car and I have not had an issue. Not to mention, they took my car as a trade and if I wanted to put more down to make my payments lower I could.

I'm sorry you all had bad experinces, but no matter where you go, if ur credit is jacked up, you willpay more as ur interest rates will be high. Do your research first as I did, maybe I lucked out.


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