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Thank you for your feedback. We apologize you did not enjoy your experience with DriveTime. We would like the chance to speak with you further in regard to your concerns. We are unable to locate your account based on the information provided. Please contact our Customer Relations department at your earliest convenience: 888-290-0148.

Kristen, Customer Relations
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Drivetime is a total RIP OFF!High milage cars priced at double their value with an interest rate as high as the cost of the car.PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE avoid them at all cost!This is a company that preys on individuals with bad credit and limited options.If you have any other options what so ever please exhaust each and everyone of those before ever giving this scam business a second thought.It's set up so that you make payments for 5 years on a car that's over priced with high milage and totally not worth it at all.NO NO NO NO NEVER!

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #709896

I looked at DT and said no, because I read everything first. A contract isn't good until you sign it, and if you're not comfortable with the terms, please don't sign. That goes for everything else too - home loans to cell phones.

Alternatively - even if you have read everything - big decisions like this should not be made on the spot.

Just friendly advice!


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