This is a brand new account. I have had this vehicle less than 60 days.

I have three complaints.

First complaint is the level of poor customer service and follow up when bringing a concern to Drive Time Customer service. I have asked for a follow up phone call 4 times. So I may have my concerns addressed. I have not received a single call.

Second complaint is the lack of professionalism and competence of the "Authorized repair facilities". I have been forced to take my vehicle to vendors I would never take my vehicle to. The two shops have poor ratings with the BBB. The first repair facility Craycroft Auto repair had my vehicle 5 days and only changed my battery.

I have taken the vehicle in for several issues that arouse after having the vehicle only 6 days. I received no communication from the shop about the progress of the repairs or how long they would need the vehicle. When I contacted Drive Time customer service to notify them of my concerns with the repair facility and the amount of time it was taking to complete minor repairs I was told a supervisor would be contacting me. The customer service agent I spoke with did not offer the rental vehicle service that was an option.

When I finally picked up my vehicle I was given a blank invoice to sign. The owner said he didn't have time to complete the invoice. When I drove the vehicle I discovered none of the repairs had been completed for the exception of the battery being changed. The brakes were still grinding, the transmission was still shifting funny, tire pressure monitoring system was not working.

I immediately contacted Drive Time customer service again and informed them the repairs had not been completed. I again shared my discontent with repair facility and Drive Time. The agent then had me take my vehicle to the Sears Auto repair facility on Oracle Rd in Tucson AZ. This was another huge disappointment.

The shop is severely under staffed. I waited 45 minutes to be assisted. The customer service rep took my information on the vehicle. Two hours later the Sears rep called me stating Drive Time warranty dept denied the authorization for repair.

I then contacted Drive Time customer service and after waiting on hold for 13 minutes finally spoke with a Drive Time customer service agent who confirmed the repairs were not authorized after being sent to this repair shop by the previous Drive Time customer service agent. I was then informed I would need to pick up the vehicle and take it to another shop. This time I was to take the vehicle to Brake Max on Sliverbell Rd in Tucson AZ. After three days the repairs appeared to be completed.

After two days the tire monitoring system failed and the transmission is shifting funny making a whining noise. Today I took the vehicle back to the Brake Max. My thirds concern is when I called to make rental car arrangements I was informed Drive Time no longer pays for the rental. I would have to pay for the rental and be reimbursed.

I could not believe it! Drive Time is making the warranty repair process so inconvenient so customers will not attempt to use the service.

This is just horrible, horrible customer service. Drive Time does not stand behind the vehicles they sell or the service vendors authorized to repair the vehicles they sell.

Monetary Loss: $16500.

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