One day after (a Sunday) I bought my Chrysler Pacifica the check engine light came on. I took it to autozone to see what the code was.

The code come as the same code as if you didn't have your gas cap on tight enough. I called drive time and they let me take it in at no charge and basically that was the same thought of the mechanic. A few days later the light came on again. The mechanic I have to take it to is all the way across town.

It took us awhile to get down there and then wait. Eventually they gave us the issues with the car. Drivetime said they would cover one problem but they would pay parts or labor and we would pay what they didn't. This was new years eve (obviously days we had off of work and my husband was done with school for the semester) Our portion was going to be like $300.

This was right after Christmas. My husband didn't tell me I only had a month to get it done. Feb. 3rd I've got the money together to get it done and its too late.

It was like a vaccum seal in the gas tank or something obviously this was the original problem. 2nd time the light came on it gave more details to the problem.

I'm a chevy girl. I never would have bought a chrysler with out a good warranty.

Others are right I did pay way to much for my car. My daughter crashed my car and I needed a bigger car.

If they ever got in Traverse or Arcadia's I might trade my car with drivetime. I trust GM not Drivetime.

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Is the drive time in Houston bad also?


I shouldn't have to repair the car a week after I get it. My husband didn't tell me there was a time frame to get it done.

It was January and I pay cash for christmas so I am strapped for cash come January. The car has a warranty which they tell you is so great and then deny everything. Took my car in for an oil change today and all the fluids have never been flushed. Thats another $250 I have to plunk out.

I just want to make people as aware as possible to NEVER buy a car through Drive time. I was shocked when they fixed my A/C.

That was my biggest question when I bought the car if the warranty would cover the A/C. I'm sure they were pissed that it was actually the compressor.


It's a drive train warranty. Only covers engine, transmission, and drive shaft.


1. All cars break down so they all are no good.

2. Your lucky they paid for some of that because it looks like from other complaints they are not paying for much.

They will never get Traverse or Arcadia's because they cost to much to start with. Trailblazer is your best bet from DriveTime and yes it will break. Just look for rust under the car if there is not any you are good but watch out because they will try to cover it up with black spray paint.javascript:ac_smilie(':upset')

To John : Every repair DriveTime makes gets added to the price of the car to the customer which ups their down payment because that is what the down payment is all the repairs that had to be made. Plus 90% of DriveTime cars have over 70k which means a lot of stuff is ready to go wrong.

To Eric : Buy a DriveTime car and see how much spare money you have lying around. This is a site to let ppl get it out not you be mean. :upset


It's Simple. Inspect all the vehicles you sell properly and then you will have no problem standing behind them.


It is simple. Don't buy a car you can't afford to repair.


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