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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for any miscommunications or misunderstandings in regard to your protection plan. We would like the chance to address your concerns, however with the information you have provided we are unable to access your account. Please contact us at your earliest convenience, 888-290-0148.

Roxanne, DriveTime Customer Relations
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I bought a car from Drivetime a year and a half ago. In the last six months, the power steering has gone out, the transmission went out and now I need a whole new engine.

Oh and the "service air bag" light keeps coming on. Although they did pay for the power steering and transmission (minus the $250 I had to put in), they refuse to cover the engine. I'm supposed to have a 3 yr warranty, but they refuse to honor it for the engine.

The car only has 93,000 miles on it. Their interest rates are ridiculous and I will not buy from, nor recommend them to anyone again.

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This is exactly what small claims court is for. You do not need a lawyer and you only need to fill out some simple forms and pat a small filing fee.

99% of the time when they are served with the court papers they give in and do exactly what you want because its cheaper than hiring a lawyer to defend them in court. Most people do not know this and that is exactly why they do it.

Knowledge is power so they only do business with *** people. Dont be ***!


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