i have been 1 payment behind and i get harrassing phone calls everyday.they call my family ,my friends 2-3 times a day.i can see if you are 30 even 60 days behind.but to keep harrassing over a payment.this company drive time will get you fired from your job from calling so much.auto max is a bad credit place also and they dont spend their day and nights calling you worring the *** out of you.this is not a way to run a business.this place needs to be shut down.say no to drive time and make your life easy.

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drivetime is a terrible company to get a car from if I knew wat I knew now I would have used that downpayment to buy a car with cash lesson learned lets just aware more people so they wont fall for APROVED!!APROVED!!APROVED Im so over it....=)


oh shut up you must be a bill collector who luvs your job,good credit or bad credit its hard for people to keep there head above water in this economy everyone gets caught in a tight behind its not like your credit score is an 800 so cut it out looser!!!!!


Isn't it amazing all these complaints about this company...and most all are from people who haven't paid their bill??? So there they go again, blame the company!!!

Wow that is just so easy. THEY were there for you when you NEEDED a vehicle with your lousy credit, you got what you wanted and easily. Now you aren't making your payments and here you are complaining. MAKE YOUR PAYMENT AND STOP YOUR COMPLAINING.



to Isn't it amazing?? #654603

Undoubtedly you must work for this ugly ducklin or you are all in business that don't concern you. Apparently what you have conjured up is getting over on people that do not pay their bills so if you are fool enough to dish the credit out to them then expect not to get paid from someone that previously was not paying their bills before you approved the one you are trying to collect on.

What goes around, comes around! DAH


My husband got his truck through this company. He had the payments coming out in allotments.

He retired from the NAVY 11 months ago. All of a sudden they are telling us that the allotments have not been coming out since 9 months ago and we need to either: A) give them $1,000 immediately and they will lower the payments B) Give them $6,000 and they will settle (We apparently owe $8,887 not worth even half that!) or C) They are coming to repossess!!! My husband and I both tried to get them to work with us as it was news to us that the allotments were not coming out all these months until they sent a letter last week! Why would they wait so long to contact us if the payments were that far behind?

We are not doing well financially and are living at my parents house to save money on bills. Half of our income goes to gas because my husbands job is an hour and a half away. This company seems very crooked to me! It is not that we don't want to pay, we just need them to work with us.

Why did the allotments stop coming out of his pay?

And why didn't they let us know when they first stopped recieving payments? UGHHH!!!


This really shouldn't be a complaint...The reason you went to drivetime is because you have horrible credit and then you get a chance to work on your credit and you don't pay the bills on time?

They call you because they want money you owe them..It's your fault for being irresponsible.

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