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We are sorry that you were unhappy with the pricing of your vehicle financing. Because DriveTime specializes in financing for people with less than perfect credit, the interest rate on the financing can be quite high. The total price of the vehicle can be higher because it sometimes includes optional products such as the Vehicle Protection Plan, and Gap Insurance. DriveTime takes our credit reporting very seriously, and we strive to be as accurate as possible. Please give us some time to research your account, and a Customer Relations Representative will contact you to discuss your concerns. If you would like to discuss your concerns further please call the Customer Relations Department at 888-290-0148. Sincerely, Customer Relations

My Husband and I recently purchaced a vehicle from Drive Time.. its a 2002 Jeep Liberty. 2wd... 105K miles. Now, we have a set of twins who were 6mo at the time, and a 5yr old. We were out of town (no drive time in our area) and we had 2200 to put as a down payment on whatever it was we were going to get. There was A LOT of waiting around, so our kids were SUPER restless.

**my husband is a mechanic, and has been for...13+ years**

After showing us 3 vehicles that still needed a lot of work (tires were bald, oil leaks from the head, or different areas, and one had coolant IN the oil... which means the motor is ***) they brought out the liberty...

It was clean, tires were in good shape, and under the hood was dry. They never told us what the price of the vehicle was, only that we were going to need an EXTRA 1475 for the down payment. OK.... so we write them the check.

The little guy that was helping us, goes into the managers office, says hes writing up all the paper work, and it takes about 45 more minutes. By this time we've been there going on 4 hours. Our kids are hungry, annoyed, tired, and restless. They rush us into a room, where only after we have given them our money for the DP, and watch the "Drive time video" are we told that after everything is paid, we'll have paid them 22k for the vehicle and we've financed it for 14K.

This liberty has NO bells or whistles.. its the bottom of the line, doesnt have a wheel cover on the back, doesnt have cruise control, doesnt have a sun/moon roof, nothing like that... and we're paying them 14k?? seriously? NOT TO MENTION, we asked several times what the payment dates would be, and she said "that parts coming up" we signed papers, kept asking what the payments were, and at the very end, find out that the payments will be every other saturday, and if we MISS one payemnt, they send someone to get our car.

I know I asked at LEAST 3 times how much the vehicle was going to be worth, and the little guy helping us would tell me "my manager will go over all of that with you" and my husband said that he asked the manager a few times as well what the actual price for the car will be,.. and she would tell him "we'll go over that in the paper work" so...

needless to say, Drive Time bent us over, and gave it to us hard. I kelly Blue Booked the car with the VIN number, and its worth IN EXCELLENT condition, is 7699.00... My suggestion, you have a repo on your credit?? go to a bank, and see what their intrest rates will be... DO NO DO DRIVE TIME!!!!

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kids were there because they were out of town. says that in the first sentence.


I agree with the price being on the hood you kno what your getting into when u get the car I believe It's the need of a vehicles that gets families into these loans...but the loan is still designed in a form of price gauging....if the car is purchased for 8k why is there over a15k in profit when half the time the car is broken at least 30% of the loan


I don't understand 2 things, Why did you bring your kids? and You have the right to get your down payment back and walk out!

You signed the papers. Not saying anything about drivetime, Sounds like it was you guys just gave in and wanted the car.


hey rick, ever hear about a horrible divorce that effed your credit? dont talk *** about situations you know NOTHING about.

My credit was fine untill my exhusband completely neglected all of the bills that were "co-owned" I'm working with credit breau companies right now, but its a VERY slow process. Before you go trying to give someone a life lesson,..

actually just dont.. you will never know everyones situation or circumstance.


Why do people go to Drivetime? Then complain about the price or payment, You should have taken better care of your credit and you would not be there.

I have lost my job due to layoffs many times. I also did not buy things I could not afford so I could keep up with payments through savings or selling *** on craigslist. If you use payday loans, drivetime and pawn shops,I would reccomend learning a little bit about finances.

Everyone I know with money problems continue to eat out and spend spend spend of cell phones etc. Rent to own is your credit now.


The only prices on the cars at the drive time we went to, was the downpayment price... no one went over our contract with us untill the very end. we had given the DP, we had signed all other paperwork, went over warranty, and when the manager of the location we were at went OVER the contract, we had to MAKE A POINT of asking her where the amount was located, because she was flipping up the bottom half of the page only and showing us where to sign.

she also made a point of telling us to watch for the coupon book in the mail because it would be on there as well... however, its not.

maybe not EVERY drive time is as crooked as the one that we did business with, but this is NOT the only problem we've had... and thats not location specific.


DT has prices on the hood of every car. Also in bold enlarged font on very first pg of contract. Yes, prices are wayyyy to high,but thy are clearly listed.


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