Union Grove, North Carolina

Like many of you, I have been victimized by DriveTime. Their fraud, deception, and abuse must be stopped!

There are hundreds of complaints regarding the company posted in various locations on the internet. Certainly, there are countless other victims who remain silent. If we do not speak out, others will unknowingly fall prey to the cruel company. There is power in numbers.

I am presently in the process of gathering information to present to the Federal Trade Commission regarding their illegal business practices. If have a complaint or need instructions on how to stop their harassment, you may email me: stopdrivetime@yahoo.com

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I would like to have an update on this post. What has transpired since 2010.

Please contact cindyb733@gmail.com with "drivetime" in the subject. Thanks



I got a car through drivetime, not less than a DAY ago.

One of the tires went flat.

The towing company that drive time provided did not lend any assistance. They did not call back after an hour.

Also, Drivetime refuses to accept any responsibility for this issue. I had the car for a day. There is no amount of anything I could have done that would have caused one of my tires to simply give out, if the tire was truly inspected and given a safe to drive rating.

Do not go to drivetime.

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